I help big thinkers ditch normal and design the life and business of their dreams

I’ve searched high and low for a coach like Meg. I remember our first session clearly… she pulled dreams, identity and self worth out of me that, even with all the self help books and other coaches, had never been tapped into before. It was almost like she knew the end result but she nudged me to go deeper and deeper until I discovered the treasure she already saw in me. From there she helped me create a plan to practically walk out my purpose.. My life has done a 180 since meeting her and I’m forever grateful for the impact she continues to have on my life
— Jenna Kneale, Nashville Stylist
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Design your Life and Business
- Strategy Sessions -

2-3 hours sessions (in person or via video call) discovering how you REALLY want your life and business to be. You get clarity on what it means to have the money, impact and freedom you desire.
I will provoke your thinking and motivate you towards the biggest and best version of yourself and your business. We work together to kickstart it all and to break down the steps you need to take to get you where you want to be.
It’s business and lifestyle design to help you chart the path to the money, impact and freedom you desire.

Investment $999

1:1 Private Coaching

If you’re ready to make consistent progress towards your big life, to find the new level of yourself that’s required to step into leadership and the big dreams then this is the option for you.

Practically speaking you get the full package
- Strategy sessions and calls as needed,
- Voxer coaching,
- Full access to any past or present courses I've created. (eg: Build your Business, Journaling Bootcamp. Timehackers Bundle, Confident You etc)
- Discounted access to the upcoming Fiji retreat. (pencilled for end of Oct)

What we’re really doing is unlocking the fullest potential in you.
Letting the wild out. Helping you let who you are find a home in you and stepping into your calling so you can step into the abundance you’re dreaming of.

It’s mindset and personal development coaching with the practical insight to help you design your life and business for the money, impact and freedom you desire.

Investment $1999/ month or $4999/ 3 months

Protect Training
- Self Defence -

As a Protect Accredited Trainer I will work with you to give you skills that help you stay safe from abuse.
It’s a combination of understanding the behavioural and psychological elements of fear, safety and empowerment and how they are all connected.
I’ll help you work through your fears around safety and give you practical physical skills to ensure you can keep yourself safe.

1:1 Sessions - $300
Online group session (4-6 women only) $200 per person

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