When I first started developing products I fell flat on my face a lot of times. 

I saw a gap, made some stuff myself and gave it to my friend. She bought more, and i made some for her friend too.

It wasn't planned. I sure didn't have any quality control and the stuff was pretty rubbish really.

BUT, it was what she needed at the time. 

I soon realised that I wasn't going to be able to do this by myself so I contracted to a friend and we kept making. 

Pretty soon we were outclassed by some local shops and I realised that my little idea wasn't going to turn into an empire, but it was the start of my product developing and the best money I ever spent on learning. 

Since then I have had an obsession with product development. 

Finding gaps, working out what people need, making something that solves their problems. 

That's how I ended up at a funeral trade show...

Turns out, one of the products that the world needed was better funeral memorial books. Who knew?!

So I've spent years working with funeral homes across the US, UK, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, delivering beautiful custom made books for them. 

  • I've worked with natural health coaches to make jewellery that celebrated their success stories,
  • I've worked with cosmetologists creating niche skincare ranges. 
  • I've worked with personal stylists creating programmes and products for retreats.
  • I've worked with entrepreneurs expanding their own personal ranges. 

If it's clothing, jewellery, skincare, homewares, art, stationary, bags, you'll find me there, with my finger in the pie. 

I don't have a huge 21 point strategy plan when I develop something. 
I work with people who I connect with and if I like what they’re bringing to the world. 

I work on gut feelings, intuition and accumulated knowledge. 

I go where I feel led to go and look for the gaps. 

I look for the beauty and for ways to use business to correct injustice.

We can't keep making a quick buck at the expense of the rest of the world which has to manufacture things for us in dangerous, badly lit, hot and sweaty factory conditions, for below minimum wage. 

I don't want to contribute to that cycle so over the years I've built a network of artisans and manufacturers who hold the same views. 

People who love what they do and are really insanely good at it. 

So if you just want to bang some sort of product out with your logo on it with no thought to how it's created, you're talking to the wrong person. 

I also don't believe in this consumerist culture that has swept our developed world. 
We will not be happier with more 'stuff'. 

I have such a fetish for minimalism that four years ago we packed our kids up, threw out most of what we owned, embraced the location free life and left to travel with one suitcase for the four of us. 

When we decided to return home I realised more than ever that the things I added back into my life needed to be valuable.
Important and worth the space they took up. 

They needed to be connection items, things that had a story.
Things I loved that made me appreciate life's beauty and triumphs. 

So I only want you to create products for the people in your community if it's going to add value to what you're already doing.

If it's something you can LOVE. 

If it's something that contributes to the world and does good. 

If it's something that makes you money so you can keep doing your beautiful work. 

If it's something that will add value to your community. 

Knowing how to do make that kind of product come to life is a really hard thing to pass on. It's built through years of trying and failing, making awful products and some super beautiful ones. Years of honing my gut instinct, travelling the world, visiting factories, talking with artisans, hours of trial and error. 

I thought for a long time that it wasn’t something I could quantify.
How could I take all that knowledge and years of instinctual decision making and show someone else how to do it. 

Until I did...

I sat down with a friend of mine who’s an entrepreneur I was working with and as we talked through her project, I realised something.

There are always 5 key things I help people to work out when they come to me. 

5 major areas that will help establish if a product is going to succeed or fail. 

5 topics I know inside and out. 

I can straight tell you them, but you should be warned that you have to know how to implement them. 

You have to engage, to do the work. To think this through and be really honest with yourself. 

Because the answer might be, that you’re not ready. 

You might not have the vibe across your community that you need before you launch a physical product. 

Or maybe you're too lazy. Just not prepared enough to do the work and find out what it really takes. (although somehow i doubt that since you're here already, searching for ways to make it happen!)

Before you go jumping into bringing a physical product to life, investing hours and resources into making it happen, It would make sense to check if you’re on the right track. 

Here's a quick and simple way to know if you're on the right track. 

The 5 Day Product Development Intensive

During the 5 Day Product Development Intensive I’l let you in on each of the 5 areas you need to consider before launching a physical product. 

We'll work through how to know if you’re ready for this and if you are, what sort of product you should be creating. 

If you’ve been thinking about creating a branded product range of your own for a while but you know you don't want to create some cheap and nasty promo item this is for you. 

You want to do something different, something that’s meaningful, beautiful and valuable for your community.

But you’re not sure where to start, what the best product would be or how to go about having it created. 

This is for you - The 5 Day Product Development Intensive. 

Join up below and over the next five days I’ll walk you through:

- Is this the best time for you to add a physical product?
- What is the most complementary product for you and your tribe?
- How to translate your message into a physical product?
- How to find suppliers that are beautiful and ethical?

- What are the technical things you need to know to get started with pre-production, manufacturing, shipping and distribution?.

If you're a digital entrepreneur, a coach or a consultant and you know it's time you had a physical product for your brand, get yourself into this course.  

You will get 5 days of practical info you can apply immediately to work out if now is the time to add a physical product, and if so, what kind of product?.

You'll save the time, money and heartache of creating something, only to have it fall flat on it's face.

You will have answered the questions that matter before you start. 

During the 5 Day Product Development Intensive I’l let you in on each of the 5 areas you need to consider before launching a physical product to give you clarity and peace of mind. 

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