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Build your business

A 12 Week Online Course To help you get started with
the A-Z of a profitable, Enjoyable Business


This course is all about the foundational things you need to have in place to run a successful, enjoyable and profitable business. 

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Business MUST be very simple at it’s core for it to be profitable and enjoyable.

Simple = Actionable > Actionable = Sellable
Sellable = Profitable > Profitable = Enjoyable


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Over the 12 weeks in ‘Build Your Business’
You’ll cover: 

  • Confidence and Clarity. Understand your passions, strengths and how they can make you more profitable.

  • Commitment and consistency. How to set goals that keep you growing and position your business for optimum growth.

  • Know your model. Which way is best for your type of business and how do you implement a model that is simple, scalable and profitable.

  • Know the problem you solve and how you are uniquely positioned to help.

  • Can you make this business really profitable? Find out where the money is in your market.

  • Validate your market. Get inside the head of your customer so you can reach them with any promotion and product.

  • Channels to market and building your minimum viable product. The nuts and bolts of building and refining a product, whether digital or physical.

  • How to build a support team that free’s up your time so you can do what you love to do.

  • Dollars and sense! The details that you HAVE to get right to make sure you’re meeting all your financial and legal requirements

  • Analytics and Data. Understanding what the numbers are telling you. SM stats, Financials and all the other key indicators of your business health

  • Systems and processes to have your business running with ease.

  • Leadership and becoming the CEO you need to be for growth and success.


  • A 12 week online course delivered weekly so you can learn then implement over the week.

  • Immediate access to the FB support group to ask questions and get help.

  • A new video training every week to teach you a core foundation of business.

  • Actionable steps for you to take in your business with ‘how to’ info so you’re never stuck wondering.

  • Accountability to get the work done so you can see results fast.

  • Industry experts made simple. Power packed, easily digestible trainings with key experts in different subjects.

  • Access to get help with your specific business and feedback on what you’re working on.

  • Live training sessions, where you can interact and ask questions

  • Live Q&A's so we leave no stone unturned

  • Personal responses to your course work.

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