Here’s how it’s happening

Sexy Sacred Wife

A 10 day Challenge for some honest conversations

Sacred Sexy wife is for christian women who’re ready to bust the myths about sex, ask all the questions, enhance their pleasure and desire, and come up with a plan to practically transform their lives and live sexually free.
Conversations between women around tricky topics have been proven to benefit society and improve the lives of those women who are engaged in the discussions. We need more spaces for this to happen so I’m making room.


You can engage as much or as little as you want.
Because it’s secret, no one on your friends list will know you’re in it, unless they are too.


Every day I’ll post some ‘homework’ which you can apply in whatever way best fits you.
It will be a selection of mindset work, practical questions to dig into what’s really holding you back, meditation type exercises to apply, and then maybe a bit of a sexy challenge for you to adapt and try in your own way!


While we’ll be encouraging open conversation inside the secret group, I know that some questions you might not feel free to ask just yet so I’ve set up a completely anonymous webpage link.
Your questions go into a spreadsheet anonymously with nothing linking you to them. I don’t even get to see who’s submitting questions.

But I will take those questions and add them into the group.
For those in the group who have some wisdom to share you can answer directly or if you really want to add your wisdom but again, want to do it completely anonymously, I’ll have another ‘answering’ link where you’ll be able to reply on the down low and I’ll post that into the group anonymously too.


This is not a do’s or don’t space. It’s a space for conversation, growth and collective wisdom.
For understanding how to open up the lines of communication, with yourself, your own body and desires, and with your spouse. It’s a space where we recognise that everyone has different comfort levels and it’s not our job to tell people how their sex life should look. You’ll learn how to tap into your own innate spiritual God connection and wisdom to find what you need to revolutionise your sex life.

Your investment is $99.
I’m keeping this WAY affordable for our first round just to cover my admin costs and get us in the swing of things but get in now because round two for sure will not be at this price.

Your bank statement will only appear with the description ‘Girl Talk’ next to your payment.
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We start July 22nd.

It’s time we invested in this vital area of our lives.

Time we admitted how much tension this can cause in our marriage and that we don’t want to live that way. Time we opened our hearts up to the fact that God didn’t intend ANY part of our lives to be sub standard, and if our sex life is lacking then there is a better way.

There is MORE pleasure, confidence and joy available for us!