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I went from a life of Chronic pain and constant hustle to running a successful business on my own schedule and being more ‘me’ than I’ve ever been before.

I’m so excited to share the SIMPLE secret that changed everything!
Here it is…

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I trusted That who I am and the way I want to do things is enough

Sounds so easy right?!
But it wasn’t always that way though.

There were a whole lot of years that I spent
beating myself up over my lack of focus, my desire to do more than one thing at once and
my outspoken nature.

I spent years trying to fit someone else’s version of success. Squeezing myself into definitions that were never going to work.
Wife, mum, sister,
daughter, coach, entrepreneur

All things I loved but roles that I thought I had to do in some particular way, incase someone came along and told the whole world I was doing it wrong.

I was frustrated because business and life felt like an uphill battle.

I felt like something about me was broken.
I didn’t know when or how I was going to have the money, impact or freedom I was dreaming of.

I also couldn’t understand how in the heck these other business women got so much ticked off their lists everyday
when I was struggling to keep my head above water.

You know that feeling right?

When you look around and see facebook ads telling you how it’s so simple, those perfect photoshoot pictures making everyone else look so dreamy, meanwhile you’re knee deep in paperwork, decision fatigue and comparison fever!

That was about when I figured out…

There is a way you can do the work
with ease and flow

and when you do, you are immediately more attractive to clients.

They feel like they can trust you because there are no pretences. People have a way of innately knowing the moment someone is lacking certainty and they pick up on it too. So sorting this and getting confident in YOUR way of doing business is completely connected with how well your business operates.

You are a more connected mother, lover, creator and dreamer.
Life begins to feel like you’ve always secretly hoped it could.

It feels like FREEDOM

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By letting your natural abilities, preferences and gifts shine through, instead of forcing yourself into someone else’s box or formula.

Dropping the doubt and the questions about if you’re good enough and leaning into how you want to design your life and business.

Going deep to do the work on who you are and who you are becoming.

By clearly and intentionally exploring these elements of yourself you will find the parts of you which are going to make your life and business successful. You will find the ways you naturally shine and learn how to turn those strengths into super powers.

Found something that feels right and easy to you? Go do that thing

Struggling to get traction with they way you think you ‘should’ do it? Find a better way!

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Ease and Flow is a 4 week life and business reset

A power packed yet simple way to get your business and life in alignment and reap the rewards.

Using mentorship that is quick on it’s feet, easily accessible and highly personalised, I’ll help you shift from frustrated and frazzled to designing a life where you call the shots on how you spend your time and the results you get, in a way that works for YOU!

You don’t have to be someone you’re not

In fact I believe who you are is the key to designing the life where you have the money, impact and freedom you desire.
It’s my job to help you uncover the beauty and power of a life by design.

Here’s how it happens…

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Design your transformation

This is the part where you get super clear on where you are, where you want to be and how you are wired.
It’s a deep exploration into what a life of ease and flow looks like for you via a guided handbook.
We get into the nitty gritty and figure out what your business and life would look like if you were really getting the results you want.

Real growth and transformation takes place when you uncover the key actions you personally need to take for redesigning your life and business. As well as the guided workbook, build on years of business and lifestyle design wisdom that works, you’ll get a beautiful personalised goal tracker for you to reference that helps you stay on track and motivated every day.

1-1 Private Mentoring

I believe in the power of small daily actions that build a big life.
Often when hesitation or inspiration hits you, it’s that day when you need to talk to someone, not in a weeks time when you have a scheduled coaching call.

That’s why I love mentoring via Voxer. (It’s an app that turns your device into a walkie talkie)
I’m available every weekday to help you through, with what you need, when you need it.

I’ll help you brainstorm, kick doubt to the curb, take more aligned action and I’ll be there to support you when you get stuck. I know often all it takes is a convo with someone who can see from a different perspective to help you shift things that have been holding you up for way too long.

It’s honest, true blue, no nonsense mentoring, right when you need it.

With me on hand to support you over the 4 weeks, you’ll be able to pivot and shift how you’re feeling quickly, take inspired and aligned action with confidence, and make more gains that you ever thought possible.

Why work with Meg Cowan?

Check out this feedback from these amazing clients!

I’ve searched high and low for a coach like Meg. I remember our first session clearly… she pulled dreams, identity and self worth out of me that, even with all the self help books and other coaches, had never been tapped into before. It was almost like she knew the end result but she nudged me to go deeper and deeper until I discovered the treasure she already saw in me.
— Jenna Kneale, Stylist
This is already changing my life, my perspective on life, the how to’s of life and I could go on and on and on. Brilliant! Love it! Thank you!
— Petrina, Business Owner
I particularly appreciated the absence of a ‘one size fits all’ approach! The way you provided different prompts & techniques over the 21 days of bootcamp we did, really gave me the freedom to figure out what works best for me - it was almost like I could finally give myself permission to do it my way, rather than trying to fit someone else’s ‘right way’. Thank you so much!
— Lana, Artist
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You were born for this

A life where you are fully expressed

A life where you get to create the money, impact and freedom
you KNOW you’re designed for, simply by being yourself.

Your Investment

The - Ease and Flow - 4 week mentorship costs $247

I’m sorry, what?! For FOUR weeks of 1:1 mentoring! What can I say, it just felt like the right price for this one.
(FYI - Because it’s so low, I am only doing pay in full and definitely taking applications for this one)

Also, I don’t only want your financial investment. Oh no, that’s the easy part. What I’m looking for is your complete commitment to uncover how you can redesign your life and business.

This work we do together is a beautiful mix of business and personal development
and I’ll be there to walk beside you the whole time.

I’ll bring my business experience, personal development tools and straight shooting encouragement.
You bring yourself, an open mind, willing heart and commitment to be who you’re designed to be.

Ready to Start?

Apply for the Ease and Flow Mentorship here

I want to make sure that Ease and Flow is a good fit all round and that’s why I’m screening applications.
I’ll let you know within a day if your application has been approved.

Pop your details in below and I’ll get back to you pronto.

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