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You know when you have a crazy idea that might just work!?

This is one of those things that I’ve subconsciously been avoiding because it almost seems too random, too out there, too weird.
I kind of feel like I’ve got a tiger by the tail and I’ve gotta say I’m kind of PUMPED about it!

I want to share this crazy fun idea with you!!. 

This is only going to work for you if you are looking for an
OUT OF THE BOX breakthrough.

In fact, just so we're clear right from the start, if you’re wanting a 5 step plan for anything please STOP reading, leave this page and go about your day. This is not for you. This will NOT suit anyone who is some docile ‘guaranteed steps to success’ kind of person. 

This one is for the ones who are ready to live on the edge. Embrace change, pursue a new passion, find their flow
Well.. here goes. 

I’m going to open my calendar and do FireCracker Calls

You know those old firecrackers that used to be called double happy’s.
Yeah, I’m gonna do sessions like that!!

It's where everything kind of EXPLODES, ideas coming out, one after the other in semi organised chaos. 
They’ll be wild, 'give you everything that comes into my head', LIGHT UP THE WORLD, think tank kind of sessions.

This is the best way to work 1:1 with me.
YOU AND ME, on a video call, blowing ideas up about HOW YOU COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

This is where my crazy driven entrepreneurial self shines.
I am ALWAYS coming up with ideas and how people could do things better.
How they could get started on projects that make a difference.
How they could PUSH NORMAL out a little bit further.
Find more flexibility and freedom. Let go of the ‘shoulds’. 

It’s like lifestyle design, in a firecracker!

I genuinely don’t know if I’ve been more excited about something I’ve put up online.
But it really is for the ones who’re ready to bust through.

The ones who’re absolutely fed up with where things are at. The ones who might even be seen to be successful already but they want something BIGGER for their lives, and they would love to do more, if they could just figure out ‘what?!’. 

The ones who don’t know what they want but they sure know they DON'T WANT NORMAL. 

This one is for the folks who're ready to light it up. 

For the ones who know there’s SOMETHING WAITING FOR THEM
but they don’t know how to GET STARTED on it. 

They have an inkling of an idea but can’t get it to come out in some kind of way that could make them money or give them more fulfilment. 

The ones who want to design their lives, to embrace more and being extra. To not live shackled to their nine to five. 
The ones who know they’re supposed to have a BIG IMPACT in the world if only they could figure out what the next thing is that they’re supposed to do. 

One of the things that the multi passionate crazy side of me is really good at is when you get me one on one.
We throw all the ideas you have for something into a mixing pot. I stir it up and we start pulling ideas out.
Things that can take you to the next level.
Business ideas for you to go and create.
Ideas on how you can restructure your life so you can achieve what you want to.
Ideas on how to implement a new way of looking at your lifestyle.
Bigger than normal ways of looking at what you have in your hand right now and what you could do with it. 

Now, here’s the bit where it gets 'woo woo'. 

I actually believe I’m created for this.
For initiating.
Like it’s in my cells and I’m made to do it. 
It’s the stuff I would do if no one ever paid me a dime. 

But they will pay of course, because money always flows to purpose. That’s one thing I’ve learnt even more lately.
It’s never about the money. Money is not a dirty word. Money is just a tool.
That’s why you’ll pay, if this is for you, because you’ll know that it’s going to start something in you that will yield returns you can’t measure. Anyway, I digress. 

So, the bit about INITIATING…. That's the bit you need right now.

The thing to get you off the starting blocks. To push you over the edge into the dream life. 
Would you like me to show you how? 

Because I know how to initiate things and get started. How to light the fuse. 
I love it because I've done it in my own life and continue to do it.
To design my life. Push the edges of normal.

It's why I’m multi passionate. 
It’s why I’m a product developer. Because I can’t help but start creating things.
That's why our family packed up and lived location free travelling the world with two small kids.  
It’s why I speak about what I do. It’s about starting conversations that matter. 
It's why we live on a bit of rural land and are planning our unconventional dream home.
That’s what all my writing is about at the end of the day, About being awake and dreaming. 
About initiating and starting stuff with the art that lives in me. 

How do you know if this is for you?. 

Well, if you’re reading this and something about it makes you jump a little inside, that’s how you’ll know. 
Not because this sales page makes sense... because to be honest, it may not to everyone. 
I don’t have 10 points to sell you on the pro’s and cons of this. 


You’ll know because you can FEEL it. Like you’ve caught a tiger by the tail too. 
You can feel that it’s time for things to get a bit more WILD
It’s time to hunt for the idea that’s been floating around you for a while but you haven’t been able to pull it down into real life. 

I will help to pull that stuff out of you. I’ll stir up all the ideas. 

I’ll light a firecracker, put in your hands and then watch you run and cheer for you as you go!
You get the feeling right?! Like you need someone to light a fire under you and give you some ideas to run with!

Before you know it, you’ll run right into the dream life.

The one you’re craving.
The one you’ve been trying to find under the monotony of everyday life. 

Can I make you do the stuff we come up with?  

I don’t WANT to either. 
I don’t do long term maintenance kind of stuff  *yawn*. 

You’re either in or you're not. 
You’ve got the drive and want to make a change from how things are.
You’re ready to DO THE WORK and try some stuff. 

You're either up for the challenge or you're not.

I mean, maybe you're happy to sit there, all status quo doing, what everyone else expects in life. 
Not me though. Nope. 
I’m not interested in that status quo life. 
I want the firecracker. I want the crazy. 
I want the bigger than ordinary life. 

I'll throw the ideas at you.
I'll show you how to get moving.
I'll give you ideas to tip normal on it's head. 

I think you're ready for change and the big life but you just don't know what to push go on. 

I know on the outside we might look like the regular sorts but inside, well that’s a whole other thing. 

I know you want more.
I think you haven't had the COURAGE yet to look this thing down the barrel, to face what you actually desire and figure out how you could get to where you want to go.
You want something to change but you can't see how to get there. You want to take action but...
You need ideas. 

I fully believe there's so much waiting for you.
So much crazy to let out.
So much purpose to live.
So many experiences to be had. 

I don’t do things because I think they’re smart.
I do them because I want the purpose life.
I want to see how much I can create in this life and how many people I can help.
I want to rattle cages until people get free. 
I want to break from normal and change the world.
I want to start stuff. 

I don’t send my kids to an alternative school and live in a shed with an outdoor bathroom for nothing. 
Our friends joke and call us hippies. People ask us why we do it and I want to scream:
Why wouldn’t you!?!
Don’t you know how beautiful it is out here on the edges!!
Just a few degrees off from normal. It’s where all the fun happens!
It’s where your faith and intuition is tested.
It’s where you find the good stuff!!

I'll show you how to light up your dream life 

To explore where else you could take things in your life. 

So… It’s a 45 minute video call with me. 
Well, lets be honest, we’ll potentially go longer than that. Once you light the fuse it’s hard to stop.
We'll likely crack it in session one but, if I don't feel we've tapped the depths of it enough, we'll have a second followup call too. 

I potentially should charge over $1000 for this.
Instead, I'm going with the heart number. It's an investment of $797 BUT...
you can only get in after you’ve answered some important questions. 

Because I am not going to waste my time getting on a call with someone who won’t take ACTION
So.. you have to answer some questions. (Yes, I can be picky if I want. It’s my page and I only want soul mate clients!!)

They’re questions that will get us both thinking and then we’ll get together on the call and that’s where the magic happens!!. 

That’s when we light the fuse.
We pull down the ideas that can SHIFT things for you. 
That’s where I will throw a whole lot of ideas at you and we see what sticks. What lights you up.
We’ll weigh the pro’s and cons. We’ll see how it feels.
We’ll play out some scenarios to see if it looks like the kind of life you’d like to live. 

Then we’ll finish and you’ll go do some stuff.

So if that’s you, if somethings jumping on the inside of you.

It's your heart and soul kicking to get free and into the new thing. 

That's me, calling out to you saying Wake up and Dream!

It's the next level you pushing at the confines and getting ready to bust out. 

Hit the button below and go answer the questions. 
Then lets light the fuse and blow this up into your big life!!