You know when you have those moments?
Those slap you in the face, WHY didn’t you think of this sooner moments in time?

Here it is….

[I can’t believe we all didn’t think of this sooner]

You and I can do something that helps you live larger, living the life you dream of,
but it’s going to do something double and triple times infinity cool too!!!

[ Ahhhhhhhh. Seriously, this vibe is infectious right now. HOW did we not think of this already?!?! But never mind about that….]

YOU are needed for this bit so pay attention.

You’re ready to shift your reality. To get unstuck. To dig deeper into how to design a new life, write kick ass plans that come from your soul, create and flow your way into a new lifestyle and live in freedom.

All the things.jpg

What if ALL those things you want ALSO changed the world?

I’m thinking specifically of kids who are currently living in poverty, orphaned and on the streets.
[I mean, that sounds to me like a reality that needs changing right?!]

See, I’m not into making people feel guilty for what they want.
I like having nice cars and houses and things too.
No problem with that. but…

What if the way we got to the dream also REALLY helped people?!

The beauty is, You can help THEM by doing the soul work in yourself

Sound Crazy?
That’s cause all the disruptive world changing ideas are!

I’ve thought of a way that by us doing all the levelling up work we get the results and we literally turn this whole personal development industry on it’s head and build orphans homes.

>> Actual kids. Actual homes. Actually amazing

I’m talking about a bricks and mortar home for kids who’re stuck in poverty

Kids who’re at risk of sex trafficking.

Kids who NEED what we have.

The FREEDOM that we talk about so much.


Yes to all the travel, nice cars and shoes, fulfilment in your job and ALL those things.
I totally am FOR that.

But you KNOW there is MORE.

Let’s create the most epic tribe ever, who every month, get what they need and
without even lifting a finger, we build a new home for kids in need.

Can you imagine how sweet that would be?!

Here’s how it works.

— YOU invest in YOU —

You join our beautiful soulful tribe which I’m gonna call the


Why Freedom Writers? Because…

1. It sounds epic
2. We’re gonna write a new freedom story for your life and others in a couple of ways. Read on…


Journaling hacks for abundance

Goal setting that actually works

Lifestyle design for freedom

How to turn your passion into $$

Mindset work to step into your next level

Community support and accountability for growth

Accessing creative flow to build a better life, business, relationships, reality

Coaching to help you get where you want to be faster. More money, more love, more abundance.

These are the things I do with my clients that have helped them:

  • start incredible new businesses

  • leave crappy old jobs

  • make more money than they’ve ever made before

  • heal relationships

  • develop new products

  • go on adventures around the world

  • get happy in their own skin

This is for the conscious ones.

The ones who’re ready to go next level, access all that is available for them, and change the world at the same time.

— every cent from the society builds homes for kids at risk —

Why would I not take a SINGLE CENT of it from the society when I’m a business woman who believes it’s part of my calling to make the monies you ask? Simple.

I have more money than I need for myself and I also have no doubt that people in the society will decide to work with me in other ways in time but the aim of the Freedom Writers Society is to HELP. In every way.

To help YOU and help the kids who so desperately need it.

For as long as I can remember this has been the cry of my heart.

And I can’t wait anymore. The world can’t wait anymore.
The time is now.

By partnering with people like ‘Angel Houses’ in India and Southeast Asia we direct all the money raised from the society to the people who are on the ground who can literally CHANGE KIDS LIVES, build safe homes for them and put foster parents in there who love them to bits.

Can you feel it? How insanely beautiful this could be?!

Now, for the numbers people, lets just think about this.

Insane value but I want this to be the MOST accessible mindset tribe ever so we can build fast.

1000 people in the most beautiful facebook group ever to be.
Yes, I believe we could build a tribe of at least 1000 who are committed to their own growth and changing kids lives

= 10K/week. Which equals one new house every month!!

Think about that for a minute.

You get to breakthrough to your new level life, with all the money, impact and freedom you’re dreaming of, and at the same time, we build one new house a MONTH for 12 - 20 kids who are currently living on the streets.

That includes foster parents in that house who LOVE them and look after them.
It’s an education for those kids.
Safety from the risks of trafficking and abuse.

At the same time, YOU will create your very own new reality.
The money, purpose, fulfilment and happiness you’re dreaming of.

Plus the practicalities of the things you’re dreaming of.
The travel, the house, the car, the business.

I don’t believe it’s bad to want those big things at all.
In fact we should desire more. Life is supposed to be a beautiful abundant experience of goodness.

And at the same time, we get to take care of others.

I mean… I could keep talking all day about this, really I could.

Hit the buttons below though if you’re in.

$10/week and you get to change your life and the world!




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