4 Days in paradise to recharge Your biz and Life!

Ok.. here’s the deal cause girl you KNOW you need to recharge!!

Imagine that, an actual holiday, plus the breakthrough deep work on yourself AND dedicated time with a mentor to fire up your next  level for business and life, all at the same time!!

Oh lawdy, imagine!!
I’m serious though.

So, lets start with the elephant in the room.
You need to chill, just a little. You know it’s true.

You're already a top of the class kind of girl without even trying.
You've just got that 'can do' attitude.
You do what other people won't to get the results.
Taking the risks and doing the brave things are simply part of how you live.

But I know there's still that internal churning sometimes like you’re pressing at your insides just trying to get out.
> Short of breath and you just want the world to go away while you get it all done <
But that was never how you were designed to do life and business anyway was it and you know that!

There’s for real a way to do it so you get all the relaxing plus all the life and business building.
It’s waaaay past time you took the time.

For you.
For your business.
The one you’re running right now, or the one that’s bubbling in the back of your mind trying to come to life.

Time to relax and to think ahead further. 
Not in a prescribed task list, get it done kind of a way.
But in a deep intuitive honest way that works for YOU.

It’s time to plan and plot how you’re going to take this next level and absolutely OWN it.
To turn this thing you love, these ideas you can’t shake, into something that works and brings you pleasure. 

Come play, have all the fun, swim, drink the cocktails and work out what you need to get to the next level, in business and in life.

I'm talking deep work and some practical strategy to boot. 
Because girl I’m so tired of seeing women who have the BIGGEST, BEST dreams for the world, worked into the ground. 
Let's take the time to restore your soul and see into the future.



You are not ordinary, not content with a 9-5. 
You want the big life. A life of expression, creativity
and impact. It's what you were born for.  
A life where you do things differently. Of course!!

So I work with you, in all the fun ways, to identify what is uniquely going to kickstart the next level you’re dreaming of. Lets peel back the layers and work out what's going to help you get the breakthrough into the complete money, time freedom and influence that you’re working towards.



  • Four nights at the 5 star Sheraton Fiji (super luxe and my FAV place on earth!)

  • Group Workshop sessions on:

    • Dropping deep into what the next level version of you looks like

    • Breakthrough strategy for designing the life you love

    • Journalling power tips and mindset hacks

    • Turning what you love into Pay Days

    • Mapping out your next money making steps

    • How to really relax and find peace for your soul

  • Daily 1 on 1 sessions with Meg for personalised input into your life and business.



  • All Breakfasts and Dinners are included (lunch is up to you and I just have a snack by the pool if and when people I'm hungry cause breakfast is so huge and amazing!!)

  • Nightly drinks

Oh, and did I mention a day-trip to this exclusive private island, with kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkelling, our own beach-side cabana, butler, and amazing food?!!!!

An amazing day at is included!

An amazing day at is included!


After we come back, tanned, rested and fired up, it doesn't stop there. I don't want you to have a bunch of great ideas and do nothing with them. So I've included 4 weeks of full access coaching, starting from the day we return - for four weeks, I'll be checking in and helping you stay focused on the resolutions you have made. You'll have full access to contact me and discuss anything you need, one-on-one.

So, what will all this cost?

A total value of over NZ$5359, will be yours for just NZ$3999.
Plus, bring a friend and room together and you both get an $800 discount on the total price!. 


Are you in?

or do you Want to know more?

Note: The retreat starts at mid day on day one and finishes after breakfast day four. Your flights to and from Fiji are not included, and are your own responsibility. We can recommend Trista Somervell from House of Travel for your assistance with any extra travel details. Retreat is subject to numbers so please finalise your place before booking flights. Deposits are required to secure your place.

Why work with Meg Cowan?

Check out this feedback from these amazing clients!

I’ve searched high and low for a coach like Meg. I remember our first session clearly… she pulled dreams, identity and self worth out of me that, even with all the self help books and other coaches, had never been tapped into before. It was almost like she knew the end result but she nudged me to go deeper and deeper until I discovered the treasure she already saw in me.
— Jenna Kneale, Stylist
This is already changing my life, my perspective on life, the how to’s of life and I could go on and on and on. Brilliant! Love it! Thank you!
— Petrina, Business Owner
You really helped kickstart my journaling practice again, & gave me renewed energy & motivation to keep it going. I particularly appreciated the absence of a ‘one size fits all’ approach! The way you provided different prompts & techniques over the 21 days of bootcamp we did, really gave me the freedom to figure out what works best for me - it was almost like I could finally give myself permission to do it my way, rather than trying to fit someone else’s ‘right way’. Thank you so much!
— Lana, Artist