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Journaling is the habit that has CHANGED my life and Can Change yours


I am beyond excited to share this with you!! After more than a decade of fibromyalgia & chronic pain, depression and illness, I'm now living life pain free, more fulfilled and happier than ever before. I have a dream job making more money that I thought possible for the hours I 'work' and I have amazing connected relationships. You can too!!

It's a miracle that I'm well and one of the most powerful tools I learnt to help me stop thinking like a sick girl, was JOURNALING!
Writing every day to explore what was going on in my thinking and how to get past the limiting beliefs that were blocking me.

Words are life itself and I KNOW we can make insane changes in our life, simply by stepping up the way we use words.


what is in the course?

This course is delivered by email. You can complete the course at your own pace. You'll receive emails every day for 21 Days, with links to all the content:

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I LOVED bootcamp! It really helped kickstart my journaling practice again, & gave me renewed energy & motivation to keep it going. I particularly appreciated the absence of a ‘one size fits all’ approach! The way you provided different prompts & techniques over the 21 days, really gave me the freedom to figure out what works best for me - it was almost like I could finally give myself permission to do it my way, rather than trying to fit someone else’s ‘right way’. Thank you so much!
— Lana


  • You’re fed up with the same thought patterns on repeat and just telling yourself to 'think better' is not working. 
  • You have kept a journal on and off but know you need to do more. 
  • You’ve bought lots of journals thinking you’d love to be that kind of person who journals and has a plan for their life but somehow you only ever use a page or two before you get tired of it. 
  • You ‘diary’, writing down the things that have happened because someone once told you that journalling was a good idea, but you feel like you’re just cataloguing your life and there’s not power in it. 
  • You’re looking for ways to more fully express yourself and feel like something is shut up inside of you. Like a race horse stamping at the gates you feel like you just need someone to sound the gun and pull the gates open wide!
  • You have dreams inside of you that you can’t quite articulate. Deep stirrings about the fact that you’re born for greatness but you feel like you’re living at half throttle, or less.


  • You want to be told what to write exactly. A tidy little formula to do what you think you should do. 
  • You don’t like me for some reason. (I mean, I can’t see why you wouldn’t but hey, there’s no accounting for personal taste!) Honestly though, there is just no point joining if you’re unsure because we’re going to see a lot of each other over the next 21 days and the only way I can really help you get deep into this practice is if you’re willing to be honest about how you’re doing with it. 
  • You need everything to roll out perfect. We will cover all the stuff, but maybe not in a ‘perfect’ structure. 
  • You are not ready to do the work. You think just signing up is going to get you where you want to be. Ahh, you will have to work, so clearly, not for you if you’re after a quick fix.  

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Meg - I am absolutely LOVING bootcamp! I”ve tried so many times to journal but never got it quite right. This bootcamp is GREAT!!
— Christine

Why learn from me?

I've gone from being a woman who lived through 10 years of Chronic Pain, couldn't hold a full time job, couldn't even lift her own two month old baby, and spent years covering up depression...

To now, having a successful international company I built from scratch, living on a beautiful property in the most gorgeous part of New Zealand where I can run and play with my kids, I've designed a life I love, traveling the world and feeling so in love with life. 

I am teaching this bootcamp because I've lived it.

It's not just intellectual good ideas. It's hard earned, pressure tested, practical life changing information. 

Oh my gosh Meg! I’m so so so so so pleased I’ve jumped into this bootcamp. Revolutionary, revelatory! This is already changing my life, my perspective on life, the ‘How to’s’ of life, and I could go on and on! Brilliant. Love it! Thank you.
— Petrina

Join the Waitlist

Just add your email address below and we’ll let you know when Bootcamp is starting