Kickstart Your Success

Business 101 for Creative Driven Boss Babes

It gets lonely being the pioneer. 

Alone with your ideas, the big vision for it, wondering if anyone REALLY sees you. 
REALLY understands how big you imagine this thing could be. 

You know what I mean right?

Ideas aren't the issue. There’s plenty of them in your fabulous brain. 
Believing you can pull it off is not the issue. You have a way of winging it and everything comes together despite all odds. 
Pivoting, shifting, opening yourself up to possibilities, no problem. 
Can do. 

It’s the dropping feeling you have in the pit of your belly that keeps you up. 

😖The dull ache and doubt that you cover with an ‘all sorted’ smile. 
😖The wondering what they will say this time if you DON’T pull it off. 
😖The basic things you KNOW you should know but you just don’t. 
😖The longing to prove you can do it, by yourself. You won’t mess it up, you promise. 

This time, this is the big one. 
This is the one that’s going to put you on the map, or at the very least, help pay your share of the bills.
This is definitely, probably… ok, maybe... a really good idea this time.  

Seriously woman. REALLY?

You’re gonna do this all again and put yourself through the ringer like that?

It’s not the only way. Not even close to the easy way! 
And guess what? 
There IS a way you can do business that gets to work for your soul. 
A way where you’re not in constant doubt of yourself, your product and your big ideas. 

You need to get really good at exploring your ideas and business concepts FAST, to work out if they’re really a money maker or if they’re going to swallow you whole with the time it takes to get them all created and out in the world. 

I’m not saying I can tell you HOW to do business. 
I wouldn’t dare tell creative, driven woman HOW to do ANYTHING!!

I’m telling you > drop the doubt and self sabotage, quite making the same dumb mistakes. 
You need some Business 101, for your creative soul. 
Not a cookie cutter, 5 steps to success thing that just a special few make work. 
I’m talking about the foundational elements for running a business that everything else rests on. 

Because once you have the foundations you can build whatever takes your fancy, all the creative madness you desire, ALL the big ideas, and know that it won’t crumble as it grows because the foundation is real, true and solid. 

So, I see you with your big ideas. And I love them to bits. 

Let's get them rock solid. 
🙌 A sense of what that big idea will look like as a fully fledged business. 
🙌 Build a plan that works for YOU and your business so you’re finally taken seriously.

💃So you can prove all the doubters wrong. 
💃So you can generate the money you need to build the next dream, and the next, and the next!.

That's why there's this: 

Kickstart your Success - Business 101 for Creative Driven Boss Babes. 

Message me if you want to know more.