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It's time to step more fully into who you're designed to be, kick fear in the face and LOVE YOUR POWER..

I am beyond excited to share this with you. 
It took me a while to find a way to incorporate some of the things I do in teaching breakthrough techniques in my online journaling bootcamps and also some of the powerful principles from my work as a Protect accredited trainer.
LOVE YOUR POWER - VIP is the coaching work that does it!

When you sit down to do a LOVE YOUR POWER session with me it radically combines the practice of working on your MINDSET, stepping into your POWER AS A WOMAN on a mission and PRACTICAL skills so you understand how to ensure you're equipped for any conflicting situation. 

I'll show you how to get rid of any victim mentality and understand how false blueprinting around being safe stops you reaching your best life. 

LOVE YOUR POWER is going to blow your mind with incredible training on adjusting your mindset, understanding what real freedom is and practical skills to help you LOVE YOUR POWER more everyday. 

I'll stand with you as you dig into the historic stories that are sitting underneath and together we'll uncover the layers of belief that need to go so you can reach your HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

This course is for you if you're a boss babe and a woman on a mission. 


You know that the higher you want to go, the deeper you have to dig. 
Learning to LOVE YOUR POWER is a part of the process and to really understand your power - 

You have to break it down to your fundamental needs. 
That is where it all begins. 

During LOVE YOUR POWER we'll cover the essential behavioural and psychological signs which will help you satisfy your minds survival instincts to keep you safe (which is a really helpful thing!!) while not limiting you and holding you back from moving forward into your potential. 

I'll help you explore going deeper and higher at the same time so you're not stuck in old stories. You're just out there creating new ones!. 

Stepping up means greater visibility and it's your right to be safe as you do that.

As well as the mindset work I'm going to show you how you can be physically safe as you step boldly into your power.
You'll learn how to put this fundamental need for safety into practice without holding back from the work you're called to. 
We'll work together and unlock how old stories around those fundamental needs are preventing you from stepping up to really owning and loving your power. 

You get: 

- An exclusive completely FREE copy of my new book!! 
Be the first ever to get a FREE digital copy of my new book..
It's due out early Feb and is all about conquering fear and loving your power in a deeper way than you ever thought possible. 

- Powerful journaling work to do during the week so everyday you're stepping in deeper to our work.
This is journaling work that is tailored specifically to you and what you're uncovering so you get powerful shifts everyday and break through the layers of old thinking.

- A soul shift reflection audio which will help you unpack where you need to bring adjustment.
This beautiful audio is designed to settle you into the place of power that you're destined to operate from.

- TWO full online 1:1 training sessions with me live. 
These sessions are a unique blend of coaching and training across mindset and development work coupled with behavioural self defence strategies. I have worked with Protect Self Defence (australasia's leading protection agency) for the last seven years as a woman's protection trainer and I know that dealing with the issue of physical safety is a massive component that moves your mindset forward FAST!. If you can establish what it means to really be safe, your sub conscious is much more open to facing your limiting beliefs. This works and it works fast to shift your thinking. It's an online session and it goes deep! These trainings are usually over $1000 alone. 

- Unlimited access to ask me anything you like.
For the 14 days that we spread our sessions over you have unlimited Voxer and messaging access to ask me anything you like!

Can you feel it?! Are you ready to love your power?

Rising up to claim who you are as a creator, business woman, lover, fighter and more.
If you can feel it, you know it's time. 
Don't waste another moment holding back.
Your time is NOW!. 

Time for you to fully step up and LOVE YOUR POWER!!