Hi, I'm Meg,

I talk about sex, do business around the world, love to travel, have a gorgeous family and a beautiful unconventional life in my home base of New Zealand.

I'm an entrepreneur and Business coach who found herself unable to ignore the need for sex and intimacy coaching within the church.

I was already a Protect Accredited Trainer (Australisia’s leading self protection and defence agency) so I was used to talking about issues around sex but I started studying from a sex positive viewpoint and looking at the ways my faith affected the beliefs myself and women my age had grown up with around sex.

I began applying my coaching skills to situations where women were sharing their hearts with me about sex and intimacy in their marriage and all kinds of amazing started breaking out.

Women were dropping shame that they’d carried for years and finally living with wild free hearts…

… going from zero motivation and tears at the thought of having sex to loving it and having sex 3 or more times a week…

… having deeper and more intimate conversations than ever before with their husbands…

… finding time and space to embrace their own sensuality and capacity for pleasure.

I decided that this was not something I could ignore and so I began the process of becoming a certified sex and intimacy coach.

I opened a free Facebook group (Wild Heart: Wild Love) to give women a space for conversations about sex, without the awkwardness and to build a community where you can ask and share what’s been on your mind about sex and intimacy without shame.

Whatever brings you here today, whether you’re looking for business, lifestyle design or sex and intimacy support, I am so glad you’ve stopped by.