Soul Strategy Sessions

Get clarity on your purpose and become the person who Actually makes it happen! 

Girl do you feel how genuinely exciting it is to be where you are right now?!
I know it feels like you're a bundle of nerves, atoms spinning at a million miles an hour in 45 different directions but can you feel how much the whole world is leaning it to you figuring this out?!

So, lets start by dropping the pretending.
You KNOW you're a world changer, or at least, you feel like inside you're pretty sure that's what you're supposed to be. 

Not like all those wannabes who's mums have always told them they're special but they're really precious little pansies. 
I mean, like you KNOW. 

Deep deep down you have the feeling that it's ALWAYS been in you. 
But you also feel six ways from Sunday and not really sure how the hell you're actually supposed to do that thing.

Did you know that all the ideas you have on the daily and the failed attempts are not wasted AT ALL!. 
In fact they've perfectly positioned you to do the REAL work. 


Let's do the Impossible

The real stuff, the impossible, the dreams that are so big you're afraid to tell most people about them.  Yeah those are the ones that are hiding out in your soul right?!

Do you want to know a secret about your brain and those kind of big ideas?

Not everyone thinks the way you do and if you DO it's because you're a pattern maker. YOU are not designed to follow anyone else's cookie cutter system or strategy. That's why someone's 6 steps to success system will NEVER work for you. 

You get to make your own pattern, map your own strategy, and the good news is, your soul ALREADY knows the way. 


It's Time to uncover the truth

This 4 week intensive is a combination of audio, video, written and live online trainings.
I'll coach you through and we'll get deep into things like how to:

  • Get clarity on your purpose so you stop second guessing yourself at every turn. 
  • Uncover what your soul is really saying about those big dreams and how to get there. 
  • Learn how to deal with the emotion of it all and learn how to live in ground breaking territory. 
  • Find out what the future version of you needs YOU to know RIGHT NOW. 
  • Learn to step into the place of influence and think like the person you need to become. 
  • Find out how to give yourself full permission to go ALL IN on your dreams. 

You know this is FOR you if… 

  • You’re fed up with the 'same same' everyday of life and know there’s more. 
  • You're tired of the 'you can have it all' mantras everyones spouting. You don't want normal. You want YOUR version of success. 
  • When you look at your friends and the world around you ya just want to shake them and make them see there's so much more!!
  • You're sick of trying a new thing every few months and feeling like you're no closer to the dream. 
  • You are ready to do the work. The REAL work inside of you.

Get rid of the second guessing

This is uber, insanely, super exciting to me because it’s the practical and soul tools you need to get massive amounts of clarity on your life.

It’s the real deal, honest truth about how to create a life you’re in love with and not just that, but how to create a life of MEANING. 
This is PERFECT for you if you're in your 20's and you want to get on with being a world changer RIGHT NOW!!

It’s not some 6 part system, not a cookie cutter programme.
It’s 4 weeks of intensive soul shifts, and giving you the strategies so you can learn to do the freedom work YOUR way. 

It’s EVERY tool I wish that my younger self had and ALL the honest truth to the big questions you want to ask. 
Want to talk about the real stuff? Well come on then! 
Because it's all on the table here. 
Purpose, money, sex, family, influence, career, relationships, growth, friendship and change. 
Nothing is off limits. We'll go deep and help you plan the life you KNOW you were meant to live. 
Find YOUR Soul Strategy. 

**I'm capping this round of the sessions at 10 people so that you get dedicated up close and personal coaching as we work through the course. If you know you're a world changer, you know you're made for a big wild history changing life, get in quick!!
There is no time to waste.