Need help waking up?

I went through 10 years of hell with Chronic Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis and Hashimoto's disease. I was fully asleep. Too scared to wake up and step into who I knew I really was. 

Through it all and in spite of where I was at physically, I met the love of my life, had two kids, launched a successful international business, became an accredited self protection trainer and have steadfastly chased after what I know my purpose is.

I've lived in third world countries and in the lap of european luxury. 
I move between the down and dirty and living as the wealthy 1%.  

I write, speak, travel and and believe fully that a life lived awake, aware and contributing is the most fulfilling you can dream of. 

I have found a way to wake up and to dream again. 

To not let the stories of my life hold me back. 

One of the things i needed most when I was finding my way to fully awake and alive, was someone who would tell me the truth. Not sugar coat it. 

Someone who was kind and compassionate but wouldn't pull any punches. 

I was lucky enough to have a woman like that in my life and I know I'm called to do the same for others. 

So, I am not a counsellor. I am not a coach. I will not treat you or fix you. 

What I do is help people through the process of waking up. 

Through opening your eyes to who you are at your core. To who you're called to be.

It's about creating space for you to explore and step fully into your purpose.  

I hold space for you to fully wake up and to dream. 

I will listen to what you tell me about who you are right now. 

I take in who you are and who you want to be and then using the power of the written word, I craft a future story for you. 

They are not intentions, because you can do that yourself. You can write your money goals and your big plans for the future.

What I do is a creative expression of what it would be like to live fully in who you're designed to be. 

It's a prophetically written expression of the dreams you have for your life. 

It's a glimpse of what's ahead and how it would feel to live in that fully. 

It's a beautifully crafted word piece all about you to inspire you to lift your eyes. 

It's the story of you, in colour, eyes wide open, living, breathing, dancing and being everything you're intended to be.