Stuck, uncertain and feeling inadequate?
I'm certain there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Restless with normal and want a life that lights you up?
You can write that life into reality... really you can!

Craving freedom and sick of living in fear?
Well lets kick that fear to the curb ok so you can get free for real!

Hi, I'm Meg.

I like living in renovated sheds, taking outdoor showers, travelling at a moments notice, painting with my kids instead of cleaning the house, laying in the sun and doing anything last minute!

I know what it's like to feel stuck and living with fear in control.

I spent 10+ years really sick.
Chronic pain. Fibromyalgia. Endometriosis. Depression. Anxiety.
The whole sha-bang. It was hideous and I felt stuck in every way. 

I also know how to live with clarity and freedom.

I've written a new reality and life for myself. One where I'm not sick and stuck anymore. I help woman change their thinking around fear and equip them to live in freedom. I help them design a life they love so they can live awake and dreaming. 


I wanted to create something that really helps people see the bigness of the life they could be living.
The exercise in this workbook is one of things that most helped change my thinking from being 'a sick girl' to a successful one. 

Your Perfect Day - Guided Workbook will help you see what you really want and figure out what kind of things would make you feel successful on your terms.

Download your FREE copy now!!