It's time to be more YOU than you've ever been before!!

Time to access through-the-roof confidence, light up your business and life, turn on the results and live in joy! 

IF YOU'RE ready to get more clients, build your business and be the bOSS,

Then girlfraand! You're in the right place!!

I'm Meg and I've built an incredible life and business but for a long time I compared myself to everyone else, like, allll the time.
I was afraid to show the world who I really was inside and it constantly held me back.

I've learnt through the years that no confidence equals:

no sales, a slow growing and hard slog business, an average sex life,, frustrating parenting and constant delays on the dream life. Lacking confidence where you need it makes everything harder.

So I'm going to show you the steps to living 10X more confidenT and FREE in your life and biz!


Over the 10 days in 'confident you'
I'll show you: 

  • The super simple ways to start charging what you're really worth. 
  • The top confidence boosters to get you showing up in your business the way you wish you were right now. 
  • How you can identify what's really limiting your expression and then how to have a powerful voice in your own life. 
  • How to have the ability to own what you really want and get rid of the ‘shoulds’ so you're not a slave to everyone's opinions.
  • How to step into who you really are right NOW and live your version of a successful life. 
  • The techniques that shift your confidence and how that increases your profit and joy!

You know this is for you if… 

  • You're avoiding saying what you really mean to people and it's costing you time, sales and peace of mind. 
  • You want to reclaim more of who you know you are inside and let the world see the real you. 
  • You want to take your natural confidence and give it a boost in some specific areas to really get you the life you're after. 
  • You're constantly looking at what everyone else is doing and wondering why things aren't working for you. 
  • You're ready to do the work, look deep into your soul and heal the things that are holding you back. 
  • You're fed up with status quo and ready to step into all your hearts desires. 


  • Daily emails with links to the course content
  • Access to brand new video trainings
  • Audio trainings that speak truth to where you're holding back. 
  • Live training sessions, where you can interact and ask questions
  • Live Q&A's so we leave no stone unturned
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Tailored homework
  • Personal responses to your course work.
  • Lifetime access to the content so you can always come back and refresh