Break the cages and leave normal behind!


Have you lost your fire?

I lost mine somewhere between the businesses we'd sunk money into that didn’t work and product idea number 300 and something that got ripped to shreds. 
Between baby nappies and vomit and tiny little cut up sandwiches.
It slipped through my fingers as I tried to hold onto it and other peoples opinions at the same time. Got lost in the inbox of my brain like all those emails I sent to clients late at night which they just never bothered to reply to. 

I felt stuck and caged in - do you know what I mean?

That feeling of knowing you're a born leader. A creative and a world changer.
But feeling scared about what would happen if you broke normal and showed up like that. 

Let's figure out what it’s going to take for you to get the FIRE burning again. 

I spent 10 years with chronic pain and medical issues, and had small children in the middle of all that, so I know a thing or two about feeling stuck.  I also started and now run a successful international business and developed multiple products in the middle of it all.  I’ve travelled with kids and uncovered layer after layer of my true purpose along the way. I’ve fought the fear of needing approval and found my way to a place of own who I really am. 

Now I’m inviting you to join me online for six days releasing the new version of YOU to be Wild & Free!


what is in the course?

This is an audio course delivered by email. You can complete the course at your own pace. You'll receive an email every day for 6 days, with links to the audio files.

It is my most ridiculously low cost offer ever. On purpose. 
It's cheap and simple to digest, because I remember what it's like to start from nothing and desperately need a kickstart. 

This course contains the fuel for your fire.


Over the six days in 'Wild and Free'
you’ll get to learn:

  • The daily non-negotiables that have seen me go from a state of depression to a life by design.
  • The ability to own what you really want and get rid of the ‘shoulds’. 
  • Understanding on how the challenges are specifically bringing you growth to set you up for your dreams. 
  • How to deal with the emotion of it all that you try and hide from everyone. 
  • How to just step into who you really are. Empowered, brave, and wild. 
  • How to step back into the place of influence and thinking like a leader that used to be second nature to you. 

You know this is you if… 

  • You’re fed up with the 'same same' everyday of life and know there’s more. 
  • You miss the old you but know that she’s being reinvented and will come out braver, bigger, smarter and stronger.
  • You want to reclaim the essence of you and bring it back into the light again. 
  • You are ready to do the work. The real work inside of you.
  • You're wetting yourself just a little, not cause you skipped the pelvic floor exercises but because you’re a little bit scared about what’s going to happen when you face the excuses you’ve been feeding yourself. 
  • And that same fear is making you want to scream YES! I’m ready to move. I’m done with mucking around. 
  • Plus, you connect with me. You know you’re drawn to what I’m saying and I’m the one who can stir this up for you. 

Your investment

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