Wild Heart

Expand your heart, business, relationshipS,
bank account and whole damn self!

I am beyond excited to share this with you!!
Wild Heart is a journey of expansion like you’ve never experienced before.

When YOU expand and get free, everything else in your life is then free to become what you desire.

Wild Heart is about expanding your heart, business, bank account, relationships and sense of self.

Over the course of the 3 months together we will explore what it is that is holding you back from being all that you’re designed to be and BECOME who you are inside.

You’ll uncover the wild ways of your heart which have been lying dormant and we’ll tap into the deepest call of your soul so you can grow your life and business to the levels of money, impact and freedom you desire.

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IT Starts with your wild heart.

I know you’re ready to break free. Fully and completely. To embody the powerhouse version of yourself.

Ready to live wild and untamed.
Fully expressed and letting that overflow into your life, business, relationships and more.

It really is time to break free of the constraints you feel.
We’re going to explore the un-lived life you feel inside of you and find ways for true expression to shine through.

This is a highly personalised course of action based on where YOU are at right now and where you want to be.

  • Audio trainings

  • Progress Check in’s

  • Personalised feedback and homework.

  • Practical Business strategy

  • Daily Prompts for growth and expansion

  • Incredible Retreat options

Wild Heart is one on one support, on the daily, helping YOU, break through YOUR barriers and step out into freedom.

This is not a one size fits all programme.

It’s about YOU. What YOU need to move forward. How YOU can embody the wild version of yourself that you long to be in your business, relationships and more.

Meg has an amazing ability to get people talking about themselves and to start thinking about what they CAN do and to see that is IS possible. She helps people think big and draws out the best in them. I always leave feeling positive and like I can do big/hard/out of the box stuff!
— Andrea
OMG you guys, If I hadn’t found Meg I would not have had the confidence to make traction the way I have, and here I am, already booked up till next school holidays! Thank you Meg!!
— Tamara
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  • You’re looking for ways to more fully express yourself and feel like something is shut up inside of you. Like a race horse stamping at the gates you feel like you just need someone to sound the gun and pull the gates open wide!

  • There’s a strong tug in you for adventure and more… ALL the time!!

  • You’re ready to make money doing what you LOVE.

  • You’re fed up with the same thought patterns on repeat and just telling yourself to 'think better' is not working.

  • You’re ready to step up your business in ways that people don’t even know are possible! You’re ready to break the mould and expand your dreams in an even greater way.

  • You want the life, the money, the impact and the freedom. You just know you’re born to do it all.

  • You have desires inside of you that you can’t quite articulate. Deep stirrings about the fact that you’re born for greatness but you feel like you’re living at half throttle, or less.

  • You want action, NOW. You’re not really a sit around and wait for everyone to catch up on their homework for the week kind of girl. You want to take action immediately when things come up and move onto the next big thing.

  • You want personalised coaching and insight into YOUR situation, not a group coaching situation.


  • You’re looking for a 5 step formula or a regular kit set life. We don’t do that round here.

  • You muck around. I don’t tolerate people who muck around. You’re either in it to win it or you’re not. You decide right at the start.

  • You’re full of excuses about why life has been SO hard for you. I get it that we all have beliefs to work our way through, but if you’re gonna come at me with excuses all day, just don’t bother applying for your sake and mine!.

  • You are not ready to do the work. You think just signing up is going to get you where you want to be.

Why learn from me?

I've gone from being a woman who lived through 10 years of Chronic Pain, couldn't hold a full time job, couldn't even lift her own two month old baby, and spent years covering up depression feeling completely stuck...

To now, having a successful international company I built from scratch, living on a beautiful property in the most gorgeous part of New Zealand where I can run and play with my kids.

I've designed a life I love, traveling the world, painting, coaching, doing the work I LOVE, and going to new levels of wild in my own heart every day.

I know what it feels like to have nothing, and to have it all YET, still feel like there is MORE shut up on the inside of you that needs expression.

I am teaching WILD HEART because I've lived it.

It's not just intellectual good ideas. It's hard earned, pressure tested, practical life changing information. 

This experience combined with my business knowledge make Wild Heart an unbeatable combination. You get to expand at the same time as you work on growing your bottom line in your business and I will work with you through them both.

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Oh but wait… Did you hear about THIS?
I have some super special Add On’s for you!


I’m not even kidding.
Flights and accomodation all included at a retreat hosted by me plus some fabulous extras.

The destination is currently being locked down but right now it’s a toss up between three incredible locations. (I’m talking a mid-long haul flight away from NZ at an INCREDIBLE location - think desert oasis, wild, expansive and luxury)

My amazing travel agent and legendary retreat planner is already hard at work and we will be picking a place and date that works for everyone who signs up. I’m only taking a limited number at this level so that we can have a deeply transformational and immersive experience.

This retreat is going to help you activate everything we work on together and integrate the shifts and transformations in you.
You’ll leave with world changing confidence and certainty in what makes you, YOU.

Stepping out of your comfort zone, finding your spark again and activating that across your life and business is what Wild Heart is all about.

As a Platinum VIP you’ll also get:
- Unlimited access to strategy sessions with me for continual up levelling
- Every course I’ve ever created (there’s currently over 10 of these)
- Business booster sessions to help you expand your business
- Your own personalised printed journal filled with prompts, all hand picked for you.
- An on location photoshoot - cue confidence and some badass images for your business promo.
- An entire extra month of coaching after the retreat, to help you integrate the shifts you’ve made.

I’ve searched high and low for a coach like Meg. I remember our first session clearly… she pulled dreams, identity and self worth out of me that, even with all the self help books and other coaches, had never been tapped into before. It was almost like she knew the end result but she nudged me to go deeper and deeper until I discovered the treasure she already saw in me. From there she helped me create a plan to practically walk out my purpose.. My life has done a 180 since meeting her and I’m forever grateful for the impact she continues to have on my life
— Jenna
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  • 3 months of Support

  • 1:1 Vision Call to establish where you’re at and where you want to be. (via video call)

  • Weekly Audio Trainings

  • Daily Personalised Prompts created just for you, delivered via messenger (prompts are a mixture of journaling, practical action, art therapy and meditative work)

    Investment: $997
    Payment Plan available - Click here ($400 monthly x 3)


  • 3 months of Support

  • 1:1 Vision Call every month.

  • Weekly Audio Trainings

  • Daily Personalised Prompts created just for you, delivered via messenger (prompts are a mixture of journaling, practical action, art therapy and meditative work)

  • Voxer Support. Using the voxer walkie talk app you get access to personalised coaching with me, whenever you need it.

    Investment: $2997
    Payment Plan available - Click here ($1100 monthly x 3)

Platinum VIP

You get everything included in Silver and Gold plus…

  • A Life Changing International Retreat. Flights and Accomodation included!!

  • Access to All My Courses.
    From confidence, time management, journaling, build your business and more.

  • Your Own Personalised Journal filled with prompts, all hand picked for you.

  • An On Location Photoshoot - at the retreat.

  • An Extra Month of Coaching after the retreat, to help you integrate the shifts you’ve made.

    Investment: $9997
    Payment Plan Available - Click here ($3500 month x 3)

(this plan is subject to a minimum # of attendees. If numbers are not met, you will be reverted back to the Gold package at $2997 and the balance refunded)

I particularly appreciated the absence of a ‘one size fits all’ approach! The way you provided different prompts & techniques,, really gave me the freedom to figure out what works best for me. I could finally give myself permission to do it my way, rather than trying to fit someone else’s ‘right way’. Thank you so much!
— Lana
This is already changing my life, my perspective on life, the ‘How to’s’ of life, and I could go on and on! Brilliant. Love it! Thank you.
— Petrina