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Are you connected with the person you dream of becoming?

Think you know what it will be like but forget to remind yourself everyday?

All that hustle and ‘entrepreneur’ing’ that you’re doing. Can you see where it's leading you in all it’s glorious detail?
Making a difference, changing the world, being happy and fulfilled. Money, fame, the big house and fancy car. 
What does that really look like for you? Do you spend time imagining your big reality with certainty?

I'm sure you have at some point.
That's how you got to where you are already right?! By doing the mindset work and setting your big goals. 

...and there is more mind and soul work to be done if you want to get there.

You know how important it is to seek out the state of mind you will be in.
To know what you would be surrounded by and what you would do each day.
You know you need a true vision for who you are becoming, not just for the money goals you’ll hit. 
You need another glimpse of the the next level you.

Here's the rub. 
You can have all your intentions, the goals you repeat, your mindset work. Yes, it’s all valuable to propel you forward. 

But unless you stand in it in your minds eye, deeply FEEL it and immerse yourself in the truth of it everyday, well truth is, 

It’s not enough to just think about a nice car, home and clothes.
It’s not enough to just put down a goal of cracking it by this time next year. 
It’s not enough to write pages about how you will feel when you break the next million dollar mark. 


Deep down you know it's true because that's what's really got you to where you are.
People have always said you're a dreamer or that you’re full of yourself. 
They don’t understand you and want to pull you back into their small view of the world. 
They say imagining and visualisation is ‘new age hype’.

But you knew better. You knew you would get to where you desired to go regardless of their opinion.
They can keep their small world, their rulebook of how things get done and their limited way of thinking. 

Because science even backs up how your big thinking is going to get you to the life you’ve always dreamed of.  
When you see into something or visualize an action it stimulates the SAME brain regions as when you actually perform that action.
The sensory processor in your brain (the thalamus) cannot see the difference between what is reality and what is simply an idea.
Spend the time to dwell on the image of who you are becoming

Burn the new you into your very mind, heart and soul.

Soon enough your brain then starts to respond to the idea as if it is already real!
It builds neural pathways and what you imagine and feel BECOMES YOUR BRAINS BLUEPRINT.

Those same neural connections are what will help you OVERCOME mental blocks and fears that would prevent you from being who you want to be and screens out things that would stop you from achieving your goals. 

That’s why you write goals to start with. That’s why mood boards work because you see what you desire and begin to imagine. 

The written word takes this a step further because it causes your brain to create IT'S OWN UNIQUE IMAGERY and it has a way of layering detail into what you read. 

It’s not enough to just think about the new bags and shoes. 
It's not enough to dream about all the people you'll help. 
It’s not enough to just write down a goal of travelling first class.
It’s not enough to write pages about how you will build an empire.  

You need to stand in it, to breathe it in and fully IMMERSE YOURSELF in it. 
The creative written word is THE BEST WAY to help your brain do that. 

That’s why I’m offering you something that will set you up to step into the next level of THE LIFE YOU DESIRE.

A creative written piece crafted specifically for you, by me. 
Designed around the world YOU want to create for yourself. 
What I create is an embellished written manifesto of your day to day life in SUCCESS. 

Here's what Samantha from Oiltribe had to say...

Meg Cowan created a personal manifesto for me that captured everything I had in my head and heart, and no idea how to put into words. Meg worked with me to fully understand the vision I have for my business and life and has created a perfect day in my future life. She is a word-smith with a talent for seeing the essence of someone, and then bringing it to life through words. I am over the moon with the magic that she has created and will treasure this confirmation of what is to come for me!

It's time for a creative expression of the VISION you hold for yourself. 

I will write something that helps you see with more CLARITY than ever before. 

You share your heart with me.  Your hopes and dreams for the future.
I will take that essence and breathe creativity all over it. 

I’ll deliver a one page piece that will call out to the PERSON YOU'RE BECOMING and open up your subconscious to ACHIEVE those beautiful big life realities. 

I know that life is busy and you have written down your goals already.. but I'd love to help you take it further, faster.  
Let's VIP that brain blueprinting.
Let's wake up your mind to fully imagine and dream into your future...
because you can't afford not to step into your destiny as soon as possible. 
So let's make it happen NOW!!


Write for me then send me a DIGITAL COPY


Yes! Write for me then send me a FRAMED 8 x 10

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Once you have paid, I'll contact you with some specific questions about your next level dream life.
Then I'll hold space for you to unpack that either via a 15-20 minute phone or video call if needed. 
With that information I start writing your custom piece.

See what I wrote for Samantha here: