Intuition First and Always

You know that intuition you tap into with all the mindset work you do?

It’s actually the thing that can prevent sexual assault.

BUT… only if you understand how intuition works when you’re in a compromising situation.

Intuition in a survival situation is the brains ability to go from A-Z without making any of the stops along the way. It’s more that an airy fairy nice idea to help you have a great life.

It’s a solid quantifiable force that connects the dots of every little thing your subconscious has picked up on leading up to a situation. Things in your environment, peoples expression, what you’ve heard and your past experiences.

BUT… I don’t care how good you are at tapping into your intuition, being heart led and soul centred, you are also socially conditioned in ways that you will continue to unwrap over a lifetime.

So I'm a PROTECT accredited traininer and the biggest thing I want you to know today is if you are ever in a situation where for some reason you get a little nudge, you feel uncomfortable or uncertain, threatened by a man or in a potential harmful situation, throw off the social niceties.

Be as rude as you need to be to keep yourself safe.

Forget about who will think that you sound like a bitch and trust what your intuition is asking you do to.

Intuition, first and always.