YES to Joy, to Happy and to Free

I've got to admit, I'm not the most laid back sort of personality. 
Not the sanguine, air, otter sort in any of those online tests. 
I'm the choleric, fire, lion, campaigner one. 
The always on a mission, drive, create, explore sort of person. 
Which I think is why I fell for my super laid back, quirky, funny guy!.

This year though, I've made a choice. To embrace the ridiculous. To find fun a bit more. To find breathing space. To look for the joy every day. To take the moments to play with life.

You know, often us driven ones, we're so ready to get somewhere, we're hustling, looking for the next thing, wanting to get things just right, pushing into progress.

More and more I'm finding so much strength in looking for the fun and freedom. The spaces where I feel I can embrace my crazy. Where I forget the task lists and lean fully into play in the moment.

I've always been rather intuition led but this year it's stretched me to lean into what my heart desires just because. 
Not for a specific reason that I can immediately pinpoint but because it makes me HAPPY!

So yes to mission. 
Yes to purpose and do stuff and go. 
I am for all of those things.

But YES to Joy, to Happy and to Free as well.

So this is a picture of us, before spanish classes tonight, which even though they hurt my head are SO MUCH FUN!.
Just two weird kids, livin la vida loca!!

And here's a journal prompt for you to work with today.

'What makes your heart sing? 
What brings you joy, not because of the result but just because the doing of it brings your heart happiness?