Making Space For New Things

2.5 years with piles of junk.
We call it the bone yard.

Old pellets, scrap metal, piles of tiles, wood for burning and wood for building.

The weeds have grown through it all and tangled their way through rolls of irrigation pipe nestled under old wire netting.

It was easy to ignore, tucked around the side of the shed. Easy to pretend it wasn’t bothering us.

But today we snapped. Enough. This mess must go.

There’s something about cleaning out to get ready for 2018.
Cleaning out and making space for the expansion.

We’re ready for new things.
Ready for buildings and new fences, landscaping and planting.
So the boneyard has to go.

Yes, we could have paid someone to come and do it.
We could have thought about it a bit more systematically and worked out where everything needed to go.

But when you’re done, you’re done.
Suddenly none of the excuses cut it and we just wanted it moved.
There is something about this space that makes us want to do it too.
We want to be apart of the movement, the shaping, the change.

Boots on, jeans, singlets, chainsaws and rope.
Lawn mowers out and bonfires piles piled high.

Mum and Dad were here helping and in the space of an afternoon, things began to change.

Sometimes, you don’t need a watertight plan. You just need to make space.
Give yourself room for the new and make a way for it to happen.
To swallow all your excuses and get it done.

New things are taking shape.
2018, I’m getting ready on so many levels.