Inspired Ideas need Life

Ever get that feeling that there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing and if you don’t it’s going to bug you until you do?

I decided a while ago that I didn't want to be sitting in a retirement village thinking about the things I should have done.

I have never felt more alive then when I’m following my intuition. 

People look at you and think you’re crazy for doing what you do... But that no longer worries you. 

You know you’re actually crafting MASSIVE REVOLUTIONS in peoples lives. 
You’re teaching them to love themselves again. 
You’re coaching them through their fitness goals, relationship breakups, huge life changes and into who they want to be. 

This idea you’ve got for a journal that works in with your programme. 
It’s not just a good idea. It’s an INSPIRED one. 

You look at your programme and think - this thing needs to be in a journal. 
So my people can see it and connect with it when they’re offline. 

You know when something is needed and you don’t want to resist flow. 

Can you see it?
Maybe it’s a leather journal, deeply embossed with your hearts words on the cover. 
You open it up and there’s revelation waiting on the pages for them. 
The silk bookmark ribbon hangs to the side, talisman dangling on the end, waiting to hold their place. 

Imagine your tribe picking it up. 
Taking their coffee and sitting down to write. 
They pour their hearts out, doing the exercises you’ve asked them to do. 
They’re not even online but they’re tuning in to your programme. 

These are not the kind of products you just whip up. 
These are heart things. 

But heart things doesn’t mean it’s just going to magically happen. 
You have to take action and know the ins and outs of production and development. 

I have been developing physical products for years. 
I can make sure you get the product you’re dreaming off and avoid the pitfalls of development. 

I can imagine it already. It's going to be beautiful.