Feeling Boss

Ever bought something that just makes you feel boss? 
Like, I'm an entrepreneur who is owning this life right now?!

I bought this bag in London. It's even monogrammed with my initials! I mean, that's cool right but it's not about the bag though. 

It's a symbol of the business I was there to do. That I was owning it and hitting goals.

I know the story of the woman who started the company, how much she values ethical, sustainable business and how much she really worked to build her company. 

It's a reminder of all the work I still have to do and how serious I am about getting it done. And how good it felt to be working on it and making gains. 

That's how I want your people to feel when you put out a physical product that complements your programme. 
Like they've put in the work with you and now this.
The product they've bought from you is the celebration of all that effort. 
It's the inspiration to be more. 

They look up to you and resonate with something about who you are and your message to them. 

It's time, not just to roll out another digital product but to create something that really connects in a very physical tangible way.

But creating a physical product that firstly, really reflects you, and secondly, is the right thing to inspire your tribe, is not as simple as picking it out of a promotional catalogue. 

It needs consideration and it will require you to have the courage to go through the process with integrity, choosing only something that is created fairly and beautifully.

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