What if You Stopped Caring

What if you stopped caring about what people thought and did the stuff that’s in your heart?. 

No, I’m for real. Like actually stopped worrying what people think. 

Stopped doing the stuff you think you ‘should’ do.. and committed at a greater level to the life work you actually know is yours to own. 

What if you really spoke from the heart? 
Might be a bit exposing right?! 
Cause what’s really down there in the depths of you?

You may have heard the proverb, 'Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks’.
That’s a scary one because often we don’t want to do the work to dive down into our hearts, expose what’s really there and get some healing. 
But ultimately, your truth will always come out of your mouth and manifest in action. 

It’s super easy to get distracted with work, thinking we’re on the right path, hustling away to make the money when we’re ignoring what’s going on in us or what we know the next action is we need to take. 

I’ve been there, but more and more I’m choosing to walk away from the ‘shoulds’.
Choosing to align myself with my hearts work. 
Looking for more ways to step into who I’m designed to be. 
And it’s all kinds of beautiful when you do. 

x Meg

P.S -  I’m looking for the people who are there too. 
Sick of the ‘shoulds’, sick of the strategies and wanting to step into doing something that’s been on their hearts for a while. 

I know that not every entrepreneur who reads this will resonate with it, and I’m fine with that. 

But you... you know I’m talking to you. 

You’re already successful. You’re already delivering your message to the world.

And you know in your heart that there’s a physical product you’ve been thinking of for a while.
Something you know that is going to complement your call and help the people in your community. 

Part of my life’s purpose is to work with people like you. 
To give you the fire start you need to get yourself out there with a product that truely represents you. 
To push you to choose only what is made fairly and beautifully. 
To connect with a community of entrepreneurs who are creating with solid integrity. 
To help you release a physical product to your community which feeds the deep connection and celebrates all the success. 

Message Me to find out more.