Let's Make it with Soul

As entrepreneurs we all love when our tribe is fully connecting, heart and soul with our message. 

Do you have a dream about having stunning products integrated with your message? 

That custom leather bound journal with your beautiful words embossed on it?
That piece of jewellery you know your people would wear every day and totally LOVE and CONNECT with. 

I know I know. You don’t have time for that right now. You’re doing the WERK!

Really? Is that your excuse? That’s not how you do girl… 

So far you have taken every expectation and blown that stuff sky high. 
You don’t live by the rules and what’s normal. 

But I know you know what it’s like. 
I don’t care how good your mindset work is and your journalling and your team and your action, some days we all look at stuff and just go ‘um, excuse me? Do you not see already what I’m doing? I’m trying to FLOW right now!
And besides, I do digital so yeah, let me push out another programme.' 

Even though your heart is screaming at you that there is something else that needs to come with it. 

I reckon you’ve been thinking about this for a while. 
Knowing that your tribe need something in their hands. Something to touch and hold. An actual physical product. 

And you don’t do cheap. If you make something you want it to be beautiful. And from the heart. 
It has to call to your people and reach out to them when they pick it up. 

It has to push them and move them forward every time they sit down to write and work their way through your programme. 

You could ask your team to make something up or find some kind of outsourced ali-express thing that anybody can get then wrap it up and pretend like it’s yours. 
You already know there’s no integrity in that though. 

You need to work with me because I am the go-to for this kind of job. 
I travel the world and meet people who are artisans. 
Everywhere I go, I make it my mission to connect with manufacturers and true artists who love what they do. 
I have THE BEST in-house designer who doesn’t just throw things down in a file. He feels it and brings all his skill to it. 

So message me. 
Tell me about the essence of what you want to produce and lets make something with soul. 
The time is now.