Ticked Off

Today I woke up feeling ticked off at everything.
Just straight up irritable and annoyed but I didn’t know why. 

Checked the date, not PMS. 
Well ok... a grumpy start and nothing obvious to blame. 

Then I realised I was particularly short with just one member of my family.
I went to take a shower, a little escape. 

While our house is being built we live in a renovated shed with an outdoor bathroom so the winter air took my breath away before I stepped into the steady stream of hot water. 
Then it hit me. 

The cold air reminded me that despite how it feels, I can choose to step into the space in my heart and mind where there’s a steady stream of warm inviting alignment.

So I remind myself again that I get a choice. I can be pissed off, annoyed and let that fill my mind for the day. 

Or I can take a look at myself and see why I’m feeling so triggered. What’s in me that needs adjusting?

It’s a beautiful thing when you realise you get to choose alignment. 
It’s not something you just fall into. 
You make a decision that leads you into it. 

Where are you not aligned today?
Where are you pissed off, frustrated, feeling out of sorts and like something needs to change?

YOU have the power to choose something better. 
Something that works for you. 
Stop mucking around with the excuses that have held you back. Telling yourself it’s cause of this person or that, because you didn’t get handed the right resources, weren’t born into the right situation. 
YOU have the opportunity every day to grow and adjust, to move towards who you want to be and the life you want.
Choose well. 

x Meg

p.s - You know you sure don’t have to work a 9-5 right.
You don’t even have to do a certain type of business just because that’s what the cool kids are doing right now.
You can do digital and physical products if you want.

If you’re thinking physical products are the next aligned choice for your business but you’re not sure how to make it happen, message me.