So, Who am I Even?

So, who am I even?

I have a husband, two children, a dog, a cat and 7 chickens!!
- I'm not a bird fan so I'm not sure how that happened...but i appreciate the free range eggs we are blessed with. 

I realise that this is the bit where I could actually weird you out but in the interests of getting to know each other, here goes...
I live in a shed right now.
Like, an old garage, on 2.5 acres of land, on the edge of town. 
With an outdoor bathroom. 

Why you ask? 
Well one, because it's actually amazing, and I have the freedom to live wherever I choose because of our business ... and two, I choose here because it's where we're building our dream home.

I am so so pumped. 
Partly because I'm ready for doors after a good amount of time in a studio arrangement with two children.

But more than that, we're going to see our dream come to life. 
All our developing and thinking about what it would really mean to us and our kids to live in 'wide open spaces' are about to become reality. 

You get that feeling I'm sure. 
When you hook a new deal, or launch a new product online. It's euphoric when things start lining up and happening for you. 

So I want you to imagine your programme, your challenge, your offer, and what it would be like to see that come to life in a very real life way, as a journal, as a piece of jewellery, as a custom bag. 

Yes, It lives virtually already, but what if it was a real thing your tribe could touch and feel and connect with in a whole new way... and you still get to make money of it!

Hit that contact button now and lets talk about how I can help you produce a product that's perfectly aligned with your message.