I'm Now Learning How To Stretch Time

I wasted an hour. 

Scrolling, reading. One of the greats sure, James Altucher, but still. 
I wasted an hour. 

An hour I could have done my purpose work, an hour I could have written something that helped someone, could have helped me. 

But here I am, an hour down, 30 minutes until I have to pick up my nephew and I’m an hour down. 

Hours are all we have. 

Sure I can explain it away, I’m learning the art. I’m watching and learning and growing from what I see. But still. 

I’m an hour down. 

But sometimes the hours just disappear. Like they don’t really exist. 
I can take on a task and time disappears. 
Rolls into the night and by 2am I have done more in an evening than the entire week before it. 

How strange. 
Almost like we’re in some kind of eternal time continuum.

Do you ever wish sometimes you could take an hour back?
Maybe not the scrolling hours but the stupid hours. 

You know those ones right.  
> The ‘hooked up with a guy I should have left well alone’ hours. 
> The ‘tried to prove my point even though I was wrong’ hours. 
> The 'writing my goodbye note' hours. 
> The ‘yelled at the kids cause they were still on the floor at 8.58am hours’. 

Then again I have hours I wish would roll further into eternity. That would never end. 

> The first time I kissed my husband hour. 
> The early morning with a contented small baby on my chest hours. 
> The best friend, pour your heart, talk about your dream hours. 
> The cycling down a gravel road in Spain hours. 

I have hours and I have none at all.


p.s - Come join me and learn how to use the practice of journaling to make your hours count. 
15 mins a day of guided journaling practice. Then watch as you stretch time.