Who Are We Called To Be?

I want to fly. 
I want YOU to fly. 
To push past all the stories. 
The junk you’ve let pile up around your heart and just FLY.

Sometimes when I sit down to write, I’m not even sure what I have to say but inevitably something turns up.
It turns up because I’ve chosen to front every day and just do the thing. It’s my version of flying. 

See, I don’t know how planes work, I just know that if you keep going, eventually it picks up momentum, the wind whips under your wings and you start to SOAR. You can’t not. It’s what you were made for. 

Yes, sometimes I worry that what I write sounds like every other thing I’ve heard people write before. 
Love yourself, be brave, you’ve got this. Same same. 

Then a painful thing happens the moment I start comparing. 
I slow down, lose my flow and feel like I have to go back to the start. 

Cross check, arm the doors, prepare again. 
Thats when I realise it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing over in their lanes. 
What they are saying or creating, doing or being. 
Because, while some parts may sound similar, what I really mean and know is true with all this encouraging, musing, contemplating and scribing is.. 
We all need to go do the thing. 
Your thing. 
Or things!

Stop worrying if you’re good enough, if anyone else is doing it, if you sound like someone else. 
You never could sound the same. 
You have a sound that was invented the day you were born. 
A sound that is yours and yours alone. 
So go do the thing already. 

Pick up the phone and call someone if that’s what you’re great at. Let them know they’re not alone and you’re thinking of them. 
Find someone who is desperately trying to organise something and bring all your clever, crafty beautiful skills to that.
Write music, paint and draw. 
Hug babies, build empires, break down walls. 
Make money and love and peace.

Find the things that charge you up. 
Where you know you’re standing in a power that is specifically yours. 
Your grace space. The genius zone. A sweet spot. 

Start there. 
Unashamed of who you are. 
Turn on the engines. 
Then FLY. 


P.s - What’s your sweet spot? The thing you most love to do? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear!