You Do NOT Need A Life Coach!!

Alright. I’m gonna stop biting my tongue about this anymore.

You do NOT need a life coach!!

When did we start outsourcing 'how to live’?
Its an epidemic out there. I feel like they’re popping up all over the place. 25 year olds trying to tell people how to live.
I had someone ask me yesterday if I was a life coach and my first thought was 'naaa to the ahhh to the NO NO NO!’
I am not your life coach and you DO NOT need one.

Somehow we’ve replaced our connection to our own internal guidance, to God, to others in community.
Looking for a magic bullet to solve it all. Some five step system to the life we want to live.

I do stand for getting help. Goodness knows I've had plenty of it over my life but one person is never going to have the answers you're looking for. I don't care what life coaching course they've done. My guess is that the ones who've done a course have a tendency to get locked in their system anyway.

Because a course is not going to free you. No person alone is going to free you.
Its always relationship and conversation.

Relationship with people who get what you're talking about, who've walked a few miles, who know what they know about the things that they love.
Conversation, with ourselves, with God, with others who will speak truth and life to our hearts and situations.

I always seek out people who can push me forward, but it's never one person for everything.
Sometimes it’s a professional, someone who’s done years of training in a particular thing. Sometimes it’s someone who I know carries authority in an area.

I didn’t pick my business mentor because she has the right ‘qualifications’. I picked her because she knows about creating alignment and wealth through doing what you love and so I take what she says and I find my place.
I don’t take advice on my kids education from anyone, I talk to my sisters who are both teachers and my good friend who un schools then I find my place.
When I want to know about vaccination, I don’t look at opinion pieces, I talk to my friend who’s recognised for her work in children’s health and my other friend who lives and breathes natural living and healthcare, then I find my place.
When I want to talk spiritual, I talk to my friends who are pastors and my friends who have alternative views on spirituality, then I find my place.

I seek wisdom where I need it but also I let who I am find it’s home in me.
Then I can play the part that I’m supposed to play.

My authority is in Initiating.
In Creating.
Starting Conversations.
Those are my things. My mountains to climb.

I don’t have to wait for someone to give me permission or tell me, I just decided.
Because if it’s in you, it’s for you to do something with.

When you’re a writer, you have to write because it’s the art in you, the design in you, the very breath in you.
The same goes if you’re a mum who loves 'mumming', a preacher, an educator, a creator, a performer, a business person. 
Through it we learn, then we should share what we’ve learnt.

So don’t come to me asking me to be your life coach.
If you ask me about parenting or education or marriage, I can only give you my opinion.

Ask me about getting started.
About creating a product or using writing to change your thinking.
About having a conversation on the tricky issues that matter.

Those are my places, and I stand boldly there now.
Not all things to all men.
Happy to find my place.

Stop being scared of peoples different opinions of who you are or what you do.
Of things you love or feel good at that don’t fit in the expected box.
It’s a big wide world out there and it’s time you let who you are find a home in you.

So, do me a favour.
Chuck a love heart on the bottom of this post then tell me what you’re wanting to step up into.
Let’s start a conversation. Where are you finding your place?


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