WORDS GIVE LIFE, Or Bring Death To Our Hearts

I need to tell you a story about an old lady. 

But first, I've been saying this for a while right, that I know words are life itself and I KNOW we can make insane changes in our life, simply by stepping up the way we use words. 

I am so absolutely passionate about the effect of words. 

You know that teacher who said something stupid to you in school and you never forgot it. 
That person you were dating and they left you, and the reasons just stuck for years. 
That time someone complimented you and the whole atmosphere of your day shifted. 
When you made a decision, told yourself it was time for change and did it. 

One of the most stand out word moments for me was when I stood in a carpark, arms full of supplies I was taking back to a renovation project. We were redo’ing a friends house as their little girl was terribly ill with cancer and they hadn’t been able to finish their house project before being thrown into the chaos of treatment. So many of our people had gathered and helped, given time, energy and money to get their house suitably liveable. 

I was project managing various parts and had laid my life on the line for a solid three - four weeks, despite being chronically ill and having kids of my own, I was pouring myself out and I was straight tired!. 

As I stood in the carpark, arms full of curtains, the older Lebanese woman who handed them to me took my face in her hands. I looked away, a little uncertain until she commanded me to look at her. 

“You look at me, right here in the eyes’ she said with the authority only a woman who has truly lived can have. 
‘I want to say - Thank You.
You are doing a good thing. 
The word is ‘Thank you’. 

You know from there on out, nothing else about the project got to me. Not the late nights, the struggles, the pain of it. 

The power of those simple words have never left me. I am absolutely 100% convinced that WORDS GIVE LIFE, or bring death to our hearts. It all depends on how we use them. 

We really should all speak to ourselves more like beautiful wise old Lebanese woman.


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