What Did You Dream You'd Become?

I thought I’d build an orphanage. 
You know, one of those houses where kids who have no parents go. 
It would be easy to find the kids because any kid on the streets, in another country, looking lost was probably an orphan right?
And I’d live in the orphanage I’d built and hug all the kids until they 100% knew how loved and important they are. 
My husband would of course want nothing more than to fund my orphanage.
We would give them all nice clothes, bags and shoes to go to school, and get them immunised by that nice world health organisation and they would eat a lot of rice so it wouldn’t be too expensive really to have so many children. 

It was a pretty big plan in my 11 year old mind. 

Except, it’s not that simple now is it?. 

Because I don’t really think orphanages in the traditional sense are the way forward, even though I’ve worked in them.
I’ve now got views on alternative schooling, healthcare, parenting and diet that don’t totally fit with that dream anymore. 

So suddenly it’s more complicated. More confusing. 
The issue is bigger than some kids you find on a street corner and the bricks and mortar you need to raise the walls of a building. 

Except it’s not. 

Because there is always something at the core of what you used to dream of, that’s quite simple. 
Some deep value you hold close and expression you want to have in the world. 
Something we’re designed to do somehow but it got covered up by life. 

Just maybe if you’ve been wondering what happened to all the big dreams you had, perhaps now would be a good time to realise it’s still in there, but it could look a little different to how you first thought. 

Underneath though… the bones of it are still solid. 
A desire you’ve maybe forgotten, pushed down inside. 

Something that says;
i’m called to help bring freedom, 
fight injustice, 
help people live their best lives, 
challenge people to connect spiritually, 
explore diversity
distribute wealth
speak truth
challenge mediocrity
prevent pain
heal bodies and minds
find hope in dark places
bring joy

Once you remember that deep down truth, the one that lights you up, that thing you’re built for, the driving motivation, then you know all the other things are just details that need some problem solving. 

I'm re-learning this week that Instead of being complicated it becomes exciting. 
Because there are SO MANY ways you can help. 
So many ways your expression can change the world. 

Which means what you’re called to do is probably bigger than you’ve ever imagined. 
Now there’s a thought.