Be Brave


Today with a quick half an hour I stopped at one of my fav little cafe’s and sat down to write again.
Thinking I would take the time to add to my book and as my coffee was delivered I went to put my headphones in and mind my own business until I heard the women next to me.
Three of them, one in her active wear and dripping with gold rings. I mean all good, you do you girlfriend right?!
The other two, well turned out, with their slightly over plumped lips and poofed up hair.
I’m all about it. Go for it. You’re in your 50’s and loving on yourself, taking care of how you look. Go girl.
Until suddenly all their care and flashed up good looks crumbled away as I heard the poison dripping off their lips. 

I actually felt a bit sick. 
Talking about refugees with the most broad sweeping generalisations, vile sentiments about ‘who they are’ and how they behave and why are they here. 
Zero tolerance for the struggles they’ve been through and laughing about how one of them had put a woman like that, with faltering English ‘in her place’ so she knows how things are done here. 
They then moved on to completely misguided generalisations about people from countries where I have myself lived in Asia. Everything about what they were saying was full of intolerance and privilege.

Seriously, what are you trying to achieve ladies?. Do you feel better?!
I get it. They’re different. You don’t understand. Fine. 
I just wanted to bitch right back - How about you shut up and get educated before you run your mouths?!. Arrrggghhh!!!

And now I’m sitting here, wishing I’d said something but I don’t even know what I would have said to them.

But I could see one of them. She looked slightly detached from it, like she kind of didn’t love the conversation. I think she knew. 
I smiled at her and she looked away a little embarrassed while the other two brazenly continued loudly voicing their bigotry. 

And I pray that when I’m sitting around with people I know and someone starts mudslinging that I will be the one who says ‘enough’. 
I don’t want to be the silent one in the corner putting up with things I know are wrong. 
I want to always be brave enough to open my mouth. Yes, you may lose friends but who wants them if they’re like white washed tombs. Looking beautiful on the outside and full of dead mans bones, decaying and vile. 

I am sure that in many parts of their life, they are wonderful women. They probably have families who they love and who love them. They will have stories of their own and who knows what they have overcome. I also am aware that I don’t know what it was like to grow up in their generation where the widespread views around difference were, well, different. 

Ok.. I don’t really know where else to go with this except to say, lets be the ones who are brave enough to speak up for the ones who don’t yet have the words. 

x Meg