I Think You Should Just Go For It

Back when I had little ones, I remember arriving at my first ever client meeting, after being out of the working world for more than 3 years, with sweaty palms and baby dribble on my blazer.
With a crack in my voice I asked for the sale, of a product I wasn’t even sure was going to work.
They said no. 

I was chronically ill, wasn’t sure what I was doing really and very little belief in my ability to be a businesswoman. 
I drove home and felt like I’d failed before I’d even started. 

After the first fail, I went again, on another day, to another potential client. 
After scrambling to find someone to watch my kids because the only day the prospect had agreed to see me was of course, a day I didn’t have care arranged. 

Barely enough gas in the tank and minimal groceries to pack the kids lunch with, I broke and cried when I got pulled over by a traffic officer and given a speeding ticket.
I’d been rushing to drop the kids and then I was distracted thinking nervously about what to say when I got to my meeting. 
I remember struggling to hold back the tears and asking if just this once he could please not hand out a ticket. 
'I can’t afford this right now. I’m trying so hard to get work and I just can’t pay a ticket right now'. 
He handed me the ticket anyway. 
I drove off, wiped my mascara and went to see the client. 
And they still said no.

Recently I made a re-commitment to myself that I would continue to show up everyday, even if I wasn’t sure how it would work. 
In my writing, in working on myself to figure out more of my purpose, in my businesses, all of it. 
Forgetting the HOW and just committing to DOING it. 
Forgetting how every different thing I do interplay’s with the other, I decided to just show up and be me more honestly in every space. 
To write the books, call the clients, create the work, build the dream. 

Old me says ‘but I’m tired’. 
Old me says ‘you’ve created enough for now’. 
Old me says ‘no one is interested’ 
Old me says ‘you have no idea what you’re doing’. 
Old me says ‘dream on dreamer’. 

I make mistakes so often. Am not as polished as I think I ‘should’ be. Can’t curate an Insta feed to save myself. 
But I’m here, showing up because this is how I’ve got every client we’ve EVER had. 
And it goes right back to that first meeting where I showed up in my inperfection and just gave it a shot. 

I don’t care WHAT it is you do. Just show up every day and DO IT!. 
Don’t stay stuck in your story that you’re not enough. 
Just MOVE!!

Oh, by the way, you know that second client I went to. 
It took over a year but I went back to them again. 
I'd kept trying, kept developing, asked questions and found out what they actually wanted then developed a product that was what they needed. 
Kept trying to add value and bring what would best serve them. 

He just wrote this: 
Five years ago, disappointed with the current offerings in the market.. we had the good fortune to meet Meg. Meg listened to the issues we had and our needs and came up with a product that truly fitted with our brand and worked well in terms of the quality personalised product we wanted for our families. The best part is Meg didn't stop there, with the team at Remembering Books constantly adding value to what we provided for families in a memorial register. It has and continues to be a great partnership.

Not a bad report for just showing up if you ask me!.
x Meg

p.s - if you're following me and you're an entrepreneur or a coach who needs a product for your tribe, one that's developed especially for you to complement your message, I'd love to help make it happen. 
Maybe it's jewellery, stationary, homewares or something completely out of the box. 
Message me and we'll talk about how I can help you organise something beautiful which connects your people to your message in an even greater way.