Love Your Power

I don’t care how many businesses you own, how rich you are, if you look bangin in your tight jeans, if you're an adrenaline filled adventure junkie, or the quiet intellectual sort.  
Right now, we’re at a time in history, where women need to be more than hot, more than successful, more than rich, more than smart, more than brave. 

We need to be POWERFUL.
There is a rising that is happening across the globe. Some of it stirred by the #metoo movement and some of it as a result of a collective consciousness about who we are called to be and what is available to us. 

I shut my mouth for too long as a 20 something year old woman. 
Regretted when I spoke up against the systems I observed in my world. 
Apologised for speaking to things that needed change and for when I said things that weren't liked. 

Well, girlfriend, I ain’t doing it anymore!
Actually, I haven't been doing it for years now!.

Just last week I met someone new at an event and she laughed when I spoke my mind. 
‘Did you just say that?! she asked. 
'Of course', I replied.. ‘You were already thinking it!!'
‘I’m gonna like you!!!’ she replied and we were off. 
Women on a mission,
Talking change and power and passion. 

This is the time in history we’re facing. 
A time when woman rise with such strength and confidence that patriarchy and old ways of doing things fall to their knees trembling. 
Now, hear me, I love the men in my world. Really I adore them.
And I’m raising a boy, so I don’t want us to just be angry women running our mouths. 
I want men to be all they’re supposed to be but…
not at the expense of women. 

This is a new type of feminism, which isn’t really feminism at all. 
It’s just equality. 
Women deserve the right to be safe... 
and it’s becoming blatantly obvious that we need to keep speaking about this. 
But we have to do more than just speak. 

This is a time when light moves in on the darkness and exposes lies. 
When you shift into your inspired self, your true design, your glorious beauty. 
When we don’t let the media’s story of women as victims be the prevailing voice. 
We rise as women who have the skills and mindset to KNOW they are safe, physically and emotionally. 
Then we change the world. 

When it comes to the coaching and online world. there are loads of things I don’t know about, and frankly don’t care about.
Not funnels or perfect scripts for selling or how to become more visible. 
I can’t teach you how to grow an Instagram following or get big numbers of followers. 
I don’t even believe I need to worry about all of that for the majority of the time.

Because the women who are drawn to me, who work with me and love what I do,
they’re successful, creative, run the world girls.  
The women who have decided they’re letting it all out. 
They’re writing new realities and bringing their most powerful selves forward into their spaces. 

But they all have just one little sticking point, which actually, turns out to be a major fundamental issue!
They want to know, that they are FULLY SAFE to be themselves. No matter how successful they already are, it always comes back to this. 
For some of them it’s physically, for others it’s emotional, but for all of them it goes DEEP. 

So sure, I get it that you want to run and play, laugh and love, free to express yourself and absolutely you should. 
If you’re wondering why that little bit of self sabotage comes up every now and then, that niggly concern is in the back of your mind about really being heard in today’s society, you need to know this goes deeper than just doing some affirmations to change how you think and reframing your fears. 
It goes right back to your human fundamental need for safety that we all revert back to at some point, no matter how super human we think we are. 
And you are going to find it insanely difficult to continue to push higher and higher into your potential until you give yourself a new blueprint around this need for true safety, inside and out. 

I’m a Protect accredited trainer so I bring those skills from my years as a behavioural self defence trainer to the table along with mindset and development work. 
Help you understand where you’re not really feeling 100% safe to be yourself and WHY that really is happening. 
We work to realign it, up skill so you have some kick ass shifts in your thinking and you get to write yourself a new reality. 

And I’m so excited to see what’s happening. 
Women who are standing and also raising girls that won’t take any crap.
Who walk confidently in who they are, not pushed down or shut up by the powers that be. 
Just rising in their own special power with barely a nod to expectation, should’s and have to’s. 

So, if that’s you and you’re ready to love your power,
This is for you.