Refashion Retreat

I called a stylist in Nashville today. 
She had just sent me a message that said ‘talk?’ and I was like ‘girl, YES!’. 
Because I was a straight up mess.

Oh sweet mercy, you have NO idea how much I need to ‘talk’ I thought as I loaded up FaceTime. 
Talk instead of stew in indecision. Talk instead of worry and wonder how. Talk instead of lose it at my husband when he makes so much sense!.

Jenna and I were supposed to be talking business but something I’m always amazed with is how the business things and life intermingle and sometimes friends become people you work with, then sometimes people you work with become friends.

When she got on the line she looked like a normal person, instead of the goddess she usually is. 
Messy bun, sweatshirt, glasses on. Admittedly they’re really super cool bright red glasses that set off her features perfectly, but anyway, mostly she looked delightfully normal.

Everything we planned to talk about was out the window and suddenly we’re talking independence vs marriage, kids vs a life, business vs passion, alignment vs task lists, safety vs risk. All the juicy real stuff. The ugly and the messy along side the beautifully crafted.

Because that’s what life is. That is why I don’t trust people who look like they have it all together all the time. 
EVERYONE is fighting some kind of battle or has their own scars. 
We ALL are just working our way through, trying to figure out what we’re doing and how best to do it. 

I got off the phone and I felt like I’d taken a well needed cool drink. A refreshing pause in the feverish mess of a day.
This business of refashioning ourselves goes inside out AND outside in. 
Tidy up the inside, tidy up the outside. 
It’s hand in hand. 

We’re all being made over, evolving into our own sense of style.
We need people to walk near as we do. To cheer from the sidelines. 
To love us when we’re trying to get the ugly out of our hearts.

I am so grateful for someone who was willing to put the business of business aside and just be real. 
Which is what makes me even more excited about the business bits. 

Jenna is a mad amazing in demand stylist. I’m mad about people living big lives, awake and dreaming, being brave and fearless.
Put it together and you have the most perfect combination for our latest project. 

We’re calling it the Refashion Retreat.
**Dun dun duuunnnn!**

It’s 5 days, styling, digging deep workshopping and actual shopping. 
- - IN LOS ANGELES !!! - - 

I am beyond excited because this brings together so much of what we’re both passionate about. 
We have all kinds of treats and tricks that are coming together and I am so confident that the women who join us are going to have so much more than a shopping trip. They’re actually going have a pause, a chance to reflect and go deeper into who they are and what they’re destined for. Awesome workshopping on some practical things to help bring out the brave. AND all the gorgeous fun of getting personalised 1:1 styling sessions and guided shopping in LA!!!!

Honestly though. I would not do this with just anyone. 
I mean it’s a fun idea and all but over this next year I’ve committed to doing more of what I feel passionate about, not just everything that comes knocking on my door. 
So, this could have been one thing to put in the ‘nice ideas’ pile, except it’s not because we both totally feel jazzed about this process of being Refashioned. 
It’s happening in us and we love the thought that we can collectively come together to cheer on that refashioning process, inside and out.

So, there we go. Refashion Retreat. You heard it here first. 
We're aiming for August 2018. 
We’re only going to take a small number of women so message me if you’re interested, or pass this on to someone who you know would love it!!