She reminded me - It would happen!

Sitting in a hotel room, aircon on to 23.5 degrees, just where I like it. 
Today was a little slice of my favourite things and something I planted the seeds foryears ago. 

Kisses goodbye from my loves, airplanes, uninterrupted writing time, business class, connecting with clients, a long hot shower and crisp hotel sheets. 

Truth is, in all my 10 years with chronic pain, when I felt stuck and couldn’t see a way out, more than the pain in my body, the restriction in my mind was the worst part about it. 
I wanted to be free to embrace who I was inside and live it out. To be free to work so we didn’t have to struggle on one income.

Time after time I felt like I was at the mercy of others and my reality didn’t match with who I was on the inside. 
Inside I was fierce, independant and capable, meanwhile I had to get help with the most basic elements of home and childcare.
I felt gripped by failure and not being good enough.

Until that beautiful crisp winters night when someone I looked up to messaged me to gently remind me that I would see the health and freedom I was dreaming of one day. 
She reminded me - It would happen!
And in that miraculous moment I realised that I had wanted things to be ‘better’ but I was uncertain what a good day looked like for me. 
I needed a clearer picture. 
It was like suddenly the sun rose up over the horizon. What had been a misty dull day began to clear and I realised that now I could see where I wanted to go. 

I began to think about the ‘one day’ in more detail. To talk about it with my husband. 
Dreaming of my best life and writing it down. 

Adjusting my mindset was helping my journey back to health but every day what I imagined for myself would chop and change, depending on my emotions. I would find myself second guessing and selling myself short of what a life of success would really be like for me. 

But, over time, the more I committed to looking forward and creating the picture in my mind, the clearer the idea of my ‘perfect day’ became. 
It was big and bold and I came back to it with regularity. 
Like a mantra for my mind. An unwavering vision of hope and a clear target. 

Days like today remind me that you have to see it in your mind before you can see it in reality. 

I am not the tired, broke, unhappy woman I used to be. 
Instead, those things I’ve dreamed of are coming true. 

I now run multiple businesses, I get to explore and travel.
I play with my kids and get to be an active part of their lives. 
I get to help with projects that change lives. 
I get to eat the damn goats cheese and prosciutto in business class some days!!

I don’t struggle to work out how to get there anymore. I trust that it will happen because I’ve seen it. 
I know what the goal looks like. What my version of success is.
And it’s not anyone else's. It’s what is looks like specifically to me. 
Helping people, a healthy body, a connected family, a solid abundant income. 

But more than that, I now know that I am enough to go there. I have what it takes. 
Which really was the biggest battle of them all. 

x Meg

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