We All Need Space And Reflection

Reflections on what was barely 24 hours. The half slice of a weekend.
Just enough time to find myself again.

In the company of people who see with vision and purpose. 
People who mull and chew on the deepness and wideness of love and belonging. 
Where opinions are given and received. 
Age old wisdom considered and given life in this day as it stands. 

So what did I find?
That living is to have paradox. 
That this world requires the stability to stand sure in your purpose, yet nimble feet to move quickly, with ease where you feel led. 
Truth and grace hand in hand. 
Belonging but not hedging your bets. 
Sorting and diversity. 
Knowing and risking it all..because you’re not sure if you really know but somehow you know it deeply. 

What does this mean?
That there are more words. 
There is an eternal infinite supply of words and if I don’t pour them out, I haven’t poured out my life.
That if I get to the end of my mortal coil and find I am still wound tight, still holding what was never mine to hold. 
Well, that would be the death of me. 
Words of creation, of truth and of question. 
Word peppered with the love of distant lands and the realities of home. 
Of hunger and excess, of humour and heart. 

How does it feel?
Well… it feels like my lack of definition is the strong place, despite my constant endeavours to put who I am into pretty little boxes with ribbons and string. 
Instead, indefinable is the hook on which I can hang my many hats. 
That in a world which is so desperate to sort us into tribes, to cut patterns for others to follow, the greatest joy is to be an enigma.
Not mother, not daughter, not sister, not friend, not businesswoman, writer, coach, product developer, speaker, strategist, artist, poet. Not even multi passionate or dreamer sums it all up.

And if those good things can not be defined then neither can the small and limiting labels, the opinions or the lies I have let myself agree with. 
Neither can doctors reports or teachers short summaries. Histories gone and fears of the future.

I am a story still being written so none of it can wrap me up.. and that feels so free.
It can be true for you like it is for me.