True Freedom Starts Within You

You feel this desire deep in your soul.

Like an eternal blueprint you know you're designed to live in a state of freedom and flow, pursuing what you're passionate about and embracing those around you. 

So you're chasing after it. Running to find your purpose and seeking to make yourself a better human along the way. 

You work hard to extend forgiveness and kindness to others even when it hurts. Somedays you win and others you don’t. But you keep trying, working to pursue that freedom you're made for. Your original state. 

I want this dream so much, for myself, for the women I know, for my daughter, for YOU.
I want freedom of spirit, soul and body for all of us. 

But it's not for everyone. 

Believe it or not, some people don't feel this thing we feel. This push for wanting more, the dream of creating, the inescapable need to make things relentlessly in some fashion. The belief that we can change our reality through the words we speak and what we bring to life on the page. 

The crazy thing is even if you're not writing at the moment and you're not completely sure you believe all this 'write your reality stuff' I know this will reach out and grab some of you by the heart. 

I know because I've been waiting. 
I've seen it already in my minds eye. I know it in my soul. 

I see a group of woman who understand that this is where it begins. It all starts with the word. 

And it feels to me a little like this:

We are a group of women who are changing reality.
We don’t wait for change to come to us. We write it into being.
We’re not looking for your system or strategy. We know we have what we need inside us.
Our motivation is freedom, always, for everyone who feels caged or stuck.
It starts in our hearts and then reaches the world.
We don’t need an approved system for change, the latest technique or gimmick.
All we need is a pen and paper and an open heart.
We’re fighting normal, the should's an have to’s.
We rattle the cage of complacency.
Moving intuitively we are fully awake to our hopes and dreams.
We reframe every negative and turn it into growth.
We always have options and find the answers.
Love drives us and life looks better every day.
Freedom is ours.
We are freedom writers.


If you want a life where you get to dream bigger and journal your way to more happiness and freedom but you're not sure where to start, I've got something for you. 
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