How About YOU Just Be YOU?!!.

*** When you need to be a PROFESSIONAL ****
The top 4 things you need to know right now.

Ok. Um…damn. I’ve left the list in the car. 
Just give me two seconds. I can totally do this...

So, hey, I’m Meg. 
Thanks so much for listening to me today.

Ahhh, how to be a professional business women.
I’ve totally got this covered. 
*coughs and stares blankly at the crowd*

Um.. I had 4 points I’d like to share with you today which are going to help you see what it takes to be a true professional, based on my VERY successful career attempting to be professional.

Since my note are nowhere to be found, lets see if I can remember the main points.

*aghh hemmm*

👩‍💼 Number 1 - Clothes
I KNOW I’m a professional because I bought those high waisted black pants with the pleats on the front and the little tie up just like Victoria Beckham wears. You should definitely start by spending an inordinate amount of time searching for these.

When I found mine I had just had my second baby and was deathly thin after having a form of, shall we say, post partum blues, but despite my enviable stick figure, I still had a baby belly that made me look like I’d forgotten to deliver half the child.

Cue the black pleated pants. Total lifesaver on the tummy front. So #posh.

👩‍💼 Number 2 - Meeting Conduct. 
You should know I got off to a good start with this actually. 
I took a really serious looking middle aged man to my first official new client meeting with my then dream clients, (two other middle aged men). Yep.

The first one really didn’t know anything about my business but he was a friend, he talked about fishing with them and I thought he’d give me some credibility, so I really owned that meeting. Y know, stood in my power and everything.

Also, side note, I gagged down my meal because I was too nervous to look properly at the menu and I ordered something full of mushrooms which I totally despise, (maybe more than I despise how my black pants ride rode right up my muff every time I wore them actually).

But, I got the deal so clearly that was a winning strategy you should consider.

👩‍💼 Number 3 - Products
Hiring my friend who was heavily pregnant with twins to sit on my lounge floor and screw in tiny metal clips and card inserts to 400+ items was really pretty smart.

Almost as smart as my oversight with the packaging which meant the product arrived with some somewhat obvious dent marks on the front of every item.

But look, the clients didn’t seem to notice and my friend didn’t really have anything else to do at the time so I feel like it worked for me.

It’s all about creating that minimum viable product.

👩‍💼 Number 4 - Plan. 
You are going to need quite the collection of stationary to get this bit right. I’m suggesting close to your first month in actual sales volume would be about right.

I know, you’re just starting, you’ve made your first $500 and you could use that on rent and groceries but I really don’t think you’re gonna make it professionally unless you do this.

I pretty much had no income at all and I've got to say, there's a minimum, I mean, ABSOLUTE minimum $200-300 to spend here on post it notes, files, paperclips and a mini stapler, the matching letter holder just incase you get letters and probably a new laptop case that matches it all.

It's hardly professional if your selfies look like you have basic office stationary instead of something proper pinterest worthy ok.


And that’s pretty much it. 
>> I think that sums up all the things that have led to my success today.

But really now, in all seriousness..


> Wear what makes you feel amazing
> Back yourself
> Create something you LOVE…

and still maybe buy the stationary.