Tell Me About YOU!


I’m genuinely in love with how many people I’ve met through the online world. You can find your people and go deep fast, but sometimes it means you skip that ‘get to know you bit that you do in the real world. We skip over the parts that make our story what it really is. So, here goes. 

👉🏼 You know I’m Meg but actually it’s officially Megan. When I lived with a bunch of americans they could only say Meg-han though, which I didn’t love, so, Meg it is.

👉🏼 I'm the oldest of 4 kids and yes, I’m the ‘bossy’ one. 

👉🏼 I have always been uber responsible and independent. 
So much that I left my small country town at 17 and went to Hong Kong to work in an orphanage. 

👉🏼 Then I hit a bit of a snag.
When I came home to New Zealand I then spent 10 years battling Chronic Pain Syndrome. It kind of just rolls of my tongue now like, oh yeah, 10 years blah blah. 
- FYI, I totally wasn’t casual about it at the time! It was gruelling in every way. There’s nothing like physically NOT being able to do the everyday stuff to tear down your independent spirit.

Somehow, even while I was sick I snagged me a dream guy, we popped out two little cherubs who’re now 9 and 11 and started an international business. 

We've travelled round the world, lived in Spain and SO many other bucket list things.
Oh, and I’m WAY better these days. 💃 Like, miraculously. But that’s is a sit down story for another time.

Now I’m busy helping driven creative women move from stuck and frustrated to all the money, influence and freedom they want. 
🌟 Yes, that’s my official unique selling point. 
🌟 Yes I’m surprised I squashed into some kind of professional sounding sentence!

I don’t do it cause I’ve got a uni degree in ‘how to teach women 59 steps to follow so they can have happy lives’. 
I do have some qualifications, just not that specific one, but I KNOW it because I’ve LIVED it myself.

EVERY day I teach it in various ways because, I am still so grateful to be smack in the dream bit of that sentence. The freedom, the business that makes my heart sing, the living large.

🚀 It just feels so expansive. So full of possibilities. 
So very far from the feelings of frustration, doubting myself, feeling like i was failing and letting my husband down, never having time or money, being so.very.tired.

And now, NOTHING makes me happier than knowing in a whole bunch of ways, I can help other women break free from those feelings. To prove to themselves that they CAN do it. 

👑Live free, pursue their dreams, make money from what they love, be unconventional and dream large.

So, fill me in. 
I want to get to know who’s in this little corner of the internet world with me. 
Tell me about YOU!.