This Is My Life. Intentional But Evolving. 

I feel like this weekend is that space you inhabit, between awake and dreaming. Imagined and real. 

We have planned and prepared for this house for three years but it is so much more than I imagined. 

Three years ago we returned from our travels and our very pivotal last few months in Spain. 
Spain healed us in many ways. We were broken and worn out. It gave us time and space to repair. 

We carried that healing home and so much of the planning for this house has been built around the concepts that got deep inside our hearts there. 

The week before we left Spain, I woke up one morning from a dream. I told Evan, even though it was laughable that such a thing could be possible. I had dreamt that we returned home and within one month we had bought a large piece of land in welcome bay. A month later we were building. 

It happened, to the very day and we have lived so happily in our little renovated shed since then. 

In the three years there, we have planned and built our new space. This weekend as we moved in I realised, it is more than even I dreamt and yet I feel so at home. 

It's not even quite complete yet but it's SO amazing. 
Every corner echo's our growth and our vision for the future. Nothing is standard and that is perfect. 

πŸ’• Walls you can touch, with texture, rough and warm. 
πŸ’• Tiles with colour that jump out at you. 
πŸ’• Lofts which already ring with the sound of happy children playing. 
πŸ’• Our room, a retreat and yet still connected to the heart of the house. 
πŸ’•And oh the heart. The centre. The large high cathedral living space that easily holds my extended family, our friends, and all the children who run through it. 

It has a small footprint, intentionally. 
It has a large outside, intentionally, 
Everything here is intentional and yet it has evolved and continues to do so. 

This is my life.
Intentional but evolving. 

I am humbled. 

Tonight, we filled the house, with good friends, who fittingly are from spain, love vino and cooked the most delicious authentic paella. 

With some of the family, who have walked alongside us and bring such depth to the meaning of home. 

With our children and pets. Our very own little tight crew. 

With a sense of God. A deep moving, connected feeling of trust that our steps are directed and that his lines for us fall in pleasant places. 

I don't pretend I know exactly how this all has come to be. 
But I know a good deal of it has been about shifting our thinking. 
Opening our hearts to a new way. A deeper trusting way. 
Using our words to shape and co create our reality. 
Leaning into the nudge and stepping into our wide open spaces.

A campo abierto. 
- Into the great wide open spaces.