What Are You No Longer Available For?


> No longer available for half arsed, pussy footing around the truth. 

> No longer available for caring more about what people think than what I KNOW is the God truth in my soul. 

> No longer available for income that comes and goes and is anything less than what I desire. 

> No longer available for sitting quietly and politely when people make rude jokes or I can’t stand the discussions. 

> No longer available for apologising about only pulling off 20% of my big ideas but STILL telling you enthusiastically about the other 80%.

> No longer available for just having sponsor kids when I want to build and support an entire HOUSE full of kids. 

> No longer available for thinking I have to PROVE my worth. 

YOU get to choose what you are open to. 
How you are willing to live. 
WHAT you will tolerate. 

🔥 THIS concept will transform your life 🔥 
What are you no longer available for?

The way to up level your life and get closer to your calling is not to try to expand your upper limit alone but to simply raise the bar on yourself. 

>> Decide what you will not tolerate anymore and watch the level of your life rise to meet your expectation <<

I’m not pretending this is easy. 
I’ve been sorely testing on this lately and it’s taken some work in me. But every time I do it I become faster at it and more certain that the ONLY way to grow and move forward is to trust there is a much higher calling for you and own what you know you can no longer be available for. 

I’ve started doing it more with my kids. 
- Guess what kids, I'm not engaging when you talk to me like THAT. I’ll be over here when you’re ready to talk nicely. 

I’ve done it with the church we attended, even though it felt gut wrenching to leave people we’ve built relationships with. 
- Hey team, love you but I know in my spirit it’s time to go so I’m no longer available to ignore that direction. 

I’ve done it with how I conduct business. 
- Nope, I don’t like to do business THAT way at all with clients who communicate like that so I’m not here for that.

We are conditioned, as women, to sit down. To take it. To not make a fuss. To make do, cover up, tow the line. 

In my heart, I have said ‘Not available’ many times before, I’ve whispered it even but in my actions I have said something else. 

The last 5 years, I have been pushing out, a little more every year. 
Slowly leaving the safety of who I thought I had to be. 
Trusting more deeply in the divine design of who I am. 

Sometimes you will feel like you’re risking EVERYTHING. 
Believe me, I’ve been there. 
And sometimes you WILL lose. 
Things, people, connections. 

But on the other side of it you will step into a clarity and freedom you’ve never known before. 
A depth of expression and learning about yourself. 
An awareness of what you’re called to do and come hell or high water you will follow your path forward. 

You get to DESIGN your life. 
To co-create with your purpose. 
So you can be fully expressed, financially free, and living smack in the middle of your dreams. 

It’s not even about what your life looks like to anyone else. 
It’s about what’s happening inside you. 

Quit playing safe. 
It’s so boring.
Time to be the WILD you were created to be.

👉🏼 So tell me, what are you no longer tolerating??