You Need To Listen In And Find Where Things Have Got Twisted 

// Happiness and business success is NOT about your mindset or self worth. 😱

Talking with clients I often hear things like, 

- I’m constantly feeling like I want MORE than this and it’s kind of hard to admit cause I feel a bit ungrateful for even saying that.

- I really shouldn’t complain. It’s all good, really it is. I just feel pretty overwhelmed by my task list every morning and it’s like groundhog day with the kids. I’m just over it. 

Not feeling happy and successful, is NOT about what a lot of coaches and mentors tell you. 

It’s not about self worth or your money mindset - even though I do believe getting those things sorted is vital to your overall wellbeing. 
But you can do mantra’s and put your prices up till kingdom come. DOES.NOT.MATTER. 

I happen to know, you can be running a cracking business and do the work, WHILE you’ve still got doubts about yourself. 💪
Trust me, I’ve done it.  
Signed a $100 000 client (not a typo, that’s 5 zeros) with no clue and limited belief that I could pull it off, but I did the prep work, got the meeting, closed the sale and created their product.

> Again, business success is not all about your worth or money mindset. 

So, the real issue if you’re not HAPPY with your life right now, successful as it looks, is that something is off with your alignment and expression. 

>> Without alignment, it doesn’t matter how fast you head down a track or how quickly you manage to scale up or grow. If it’s off, it’s OFF and you’ll be unsettled. 

The frustration will rise - and this is a big one because the frustration usually comes out levelled at your partner, your kids, your boss. 

💩 This frustration bit in the puzzle makes you wanna walk away from your relationship, gets you pissed off with your kids and makes you feel like business is failing, EVEN when it looks successful to everyone else. 

It’s your OWN frustration with the reality of your life right now and your feeling that you’re not quite living in the MORE you’re destined for. 

You’re out of alignment and it’s kind of like a kink in the hose. Nothing wrong with the hose, the water, or the tap, it’s just not coming through with it’s fullest expression cause it’s all jammed up. 

You need to listen in and find where things have got twisted. 

How do you do that?
> You choose to < 

Annoying I know but this is literally the best way. 
[ The other way is that life arrives and smacks you on the side of the head with some circumstance that serves to wake you up. - Took me 10 years of living with chronic pain - not the preferred option usually ]

📐Sometimes it’s as simple as a cup of tea by yourself, sitting in silence. 
📐 It’s journaling and letting it all spill onto the page. 
📐 Pick up a paintbrush or an instrument and allowing expression. 
📐 It’s trusting someone who gets it and sharing from your heart. 
📐 It’s stopping your scroll and taking a walk. 

>> Then taking inspired action on what you feel inside. 

You will be amazed with what happens as you start to bring that alignment into your life. You’ll find somehow you’ve got 
🌱 Peace for your heart in the middle of the chaos and task list.
🌱 Tender kisses for the one you love instead of blaming them
🌱 Patience with the kids when they’re acting out and trust in yourself that you’re doing a good job. 
🌱 Focus and productivity alongside more time to do what you LOVE. 
🌱 The feeling of freedom. That instead of being thrown around, you are designing your life and crafting something you love.

Then you’ll find you’re wide awake and dreaming.