I Start Stuff And My Favourite Thing Is Helping YOU Start Stuff.


Until you start, it’s just a good idea.
Everyone’s full of good ideas. The leaders are the one's who actually DO them. 

There’s some theme’s going on right now but if you’re busy being a busy thing you may have missed them. 
They’re sort of collective awakenings.

People coming to an awareness about new realities which really are nothing new at all but we’re just being reminded. 

1. You don’t have to do it like everyone else. The old way is gone.

2. Do the work you feel proud of.

3. Say what you mean, and say it loud. Stand for the things that matter.

4. Your best work helps others.

I feel like 2018 has been ramming these down my throat. Lovingly of course.

Maybe you feel the same. Like there are threads and themes that are coming through for you. 

So I’m going back to the core. Taking the learnings in and integrating them more.

For me it looks like
> Write and share
> Tell the truth
> Start things. 

👍 2019 I’m gonna do a lot more of the write part. 
Specifically the creative writing that fuels me. The stuff the coaches tell me doesn’t ‘sell’ but I’m doing it anyway.

Not because I’m selling a programme but because I need to breathe. You know that feeling?

I can’t breathe in someone else's way, write to their formulas, with just the right amount of hooks and links. 

And, if in that breathing and becoming and writing, I feel led to do something that helps others along the way, I’ll do it.

And then unapologetically tell you about it! 
Because like I said for #4 - Your best work helps others. 

👍 Aaand, turns out, I’m not shy but sometimes I don’t tell the truth. 
It comes up, bubbles to mind and I push it aside. 
Think maybe I won’t write that piece and share it because I just can’t be bothered with the ensuing discussion.

2019 - I’m gonna tell it a little more how I see it. Because the truth will set you free. And me. 
And there’s always the unfollow button if you can’t handle the heat. 

👍 Start things. This is pretty much my super power.

Anyone who knows me well knows if you want to get something off the ground. Come see Meg.

But it’s got to be hard and fast and you’ve got to want it or I’m bored of you already., 🙄😜

I’m not so bothered by WHAT you want to do to be honest. 
I just want to know WHY, and WHY aren’t you doing it bigger, better, more, NOW!?

And I can SEE as soon as you tell me about it, 45 ways you could take it forward, and why you’re stalled. 
I find the missing links to get things started. 

Which is why I struggle with the label ‘coach’. 
I’m not a coach at all really but that has kind of seemed like the best word we could come up with.
But I'm not sure if it's quite right. Don’t know how I feel about some of the industry that goes with it too much. 
So I’m making my own blue ocean. Making my own damn game. 

I’m an initiator. A kick-starter. A life strategist. A fire lighter. Call it what you like.

I start businesses, life changes, products, remodels, overhauls, new things.

I start stuff and my favourite thing is helping YOU start stuff.

So you're not sick and frustrated. 
So you're fully living your call and designing your life.

I love helping you to get some kind of soul plan that works for you. 
To show you how to map your way forward into what you desire.

To help you make the dreams come to life. Money, Products, Business, Lifestyle design, Changing the world.

Let's start some stuff and start it right so you can keep it going and not fall over cause you didn’t think it through. 

So.. 2019 is creeping already and I’m prepped. 
Less trying to define it all, more just being.
How’s yours looking?