To Pursue Your Passion And TAKE Action Around It

>> Sitting at my computer I had such an overwhelming sense of being trapped <<
I wanted to RUN. 
Miles away, to golden beaches and dusky pink sky's.

The kids were busy in the background and I felt like I was literally shrivelling inside.
I was not made to be an at home mama. 
It killed the creative in me.

🤪 Muuummm. She took my biscuit!.
🤪 Maaaammaaa, can you wipe my bum?
🤪 Haaaallp me mummy!!

I was already so far from where I thought I would be.
29yrs old, 2 kids, depressed, chronically ill, not coping AT ALL and here I was trying to start a business. 🙄

I thought about it again. How maybe I could just slip away.
Book a one way plane ticket somewhere, or maybe something more permanent on a really bad day.
How maybe they’d be better off without me.

I didn’t really have anything to offer anyway.
No particular skill to speak of.
Always starting things, never finishing. University included.
I mean surely, all the successful businesswomen went to university right?!

🙏 Then one day, after a full year of trying to get this thing off the ground (not to mention all other ideas that littered my entrepreneurial roadside), I followed a nudge, checked my kids into the free 2 hour daycare at the local mall and wandered through the bookstore looking for some relief from the pressure in my mind.

📚I picked up a book, called ‘The Little Red Book of Wisdom’ and stood in the aisles reading it.
Before I knew it, my time was up and I had to collect the kids.

But I walked back with an idea forming.
A crazy unusual approach to business that I decided to take action on.

Less than 2 months later, I had made my first 20K sale.
From ONE idea. From ONE client.

In time I realised that my greatest joy has been in helping give other people those moments.

♥️ That’s why I mentor women now ♥️

🙏 To create space for them to uncover the idea that is going to change their life.
🙏 To help them let who they are settle down inside of them and empower them to act from that space.
🙏 To get them started on the thing that will change the course of their story.
🙏 To help them unleash and live free.

Because I know, sometimes it just takes ONE idea.
The reminder to trust yourself.
To go confidently into what you desire.
To pursue your passion and TAKE action around it.

I want them to know that THEIR way of doing business, is OK. There is space for you at the table. 
It's not about someone's perfect strategy or their know how.
It's about what burns in your heart.