It’s Not That You CANT Do It. It’s That You WON’T.

You don’t want to hear this right now but you know it’s true.
That problem you have, that thing that makes you cry I CANT DOOOOO IT!!!!.
That’s not your REAL problem.

Your real problem right now is that you don’t feel SAFE to do the thing you know you’re supposed to do.

However big it is, however all consuming and overwhelming, it’s not that you CANT do it. It’s that you WON’T.
Something about doing that big thing makes you feel unsafe.

What many coaches will tell you is that you need push through the fear feelings.
Do some meditations and gently bulldoze that fear and just get on with it.

EXCEPT... to do that is to deny something absolutely foundational to the POWER of who you are.

Before you tackle those limiting fears you have to deal with your intrinsic SURVIVAL FEAR and intuition.
It’s in all of us and will not simply roll over.
It won’t let you push past it with mindset practices.
It’s way too clever for that and is completely devoted to your safety at all times.
It supersedes all other work you try to do in your mind and honestly doesn’t care how great you are at meditating, goal setting or clearing your heart chakra!.

So before you can get over the limiting beliefs, the fears that are holding you back day to day, the ones that say, if you do that big thing:
You’ll be laughed at,
People will think you’re full of yourself,
You’ll fail and look bad,
Lose money,
Risk your comfy job,
End up on the other side of the world with no backup plan…

BEFORE you can get over that,
you have to satisfy your minds deep seated need for SAFETY.

If you can give yourself what you need at a FOUNDATIONAL level then you can start working through those other fears and cut through them like a hot knife through butter.

Particularly if you’ve ever been through a situation where you’ve felt physically UNSAFE before then you need to do some work on reprogramming that deep true need for safety.

It starts with knowing that real violence rarely happens out of the blue.
There are always pre-contact indicators and ways to read the context of a situation. You don’t need to spend a long time on it but to settle your subconscious to a place where it can get on with dealing to the other fears, you need to learn more about what those indicators are.

As I work with women I see this come up over and over again.
This issue of rising in POWER, in expressing who you are, it’s so closely tied to your foundational safety needs and sometimes we don’t even realise it.

Understand how these behavioural elements of self protection are connected to growth and you’re freed up to move on with the business of being wild and free.


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