Happy Fathers Day

This is my Dad. 

He is happiest in his work clothes and his work ethic is second to none. 
This is him at our property where he’s busy renovating a little bungalow which will sit at the back of our new house. 
He turns his hand to almost anything and while the finishing is what we lovingly call ‘agricultural’ on a few things, to be honest, there’s not much he can’t do. 
He is amazing. 

He raised us to work but also to make time for family. 
His advice about stacking the dishes rings in my ears ‘make it a tidy mess!’. 
He taught me how to vacuum in straight lines so you don’t miss any bits. 

He also taught me, possibly without even knowing it, that you have the ability to create wealth. 
I remember clearly being 11 years old. 
Our family had returned from time away travelling and had very little to our name. Something like $50 and he had a wife and four kids to feed. 
Having sold his business before we’d left we came home four years later to our house, no job and mortgage payments due. 

Using the money he had left, he put fuel in the car and drove us all 40 mins to another town where a friend of his had a computer and a printer. 
It was all very high tech.
They helped him make flyers for a mail drop and he paid for the paper and printing. 
We came home and from that little promotion he began working washing houses in our town. 

He would come home in his wet weather gear and smelling of chemicals.
Things grew and soon he was landscaping, breaking his back laying concrete again and working double shifts driving a forklift in the fruit season. 
In all of that he also made choices that meant he could be available to be on our school board of trustees and come home to have dinner with us most nights. 

When I first started a ‘proper’ business I had an idea and someone who wanted to pay me for it. 
We did the preliminary work but couldn’t fund the startup. 
He gave me my first loan for $5000.
After he asked about my plan and why I thought it would work he transferred the money and then remained encouragingly in the background, trusting me and Evan to execute on our plan. 
We paid it back but after a few months we were ready to step things up again. 
This time the loan was over 10k and it was the same thing again. 

There is no way I could have started my business without him. 
Not just the money but the belief. 
The trust that I was enough to pull this thing off. 
I am so grateful for my Dad. 

He has a dream to leave a legacy for his kids and he’s worked tirelessly to create it. 
He’s not perfect but he admits his faults and I love that transparency about him. 
He can have an argument with himself and dreams up new ideas or ways of doing things all the time. 
He breaks stuff and fixes it. 
He loves my husband and kids.
He gave me the best sisters and a brother. 
He loves my mum. 
He wraps his arms around me every time I see him, roughs up my hair and calls me chooky poo. 

Please never die ok Dad...

Happy Fathers Day.