Am I Real?

But is it real?

My mum and dad were asking me about digital stuff today and I genuinely love how they care about what I’m doing. 
We were talking about releasing this Wild and Free thing into the world. 
They were asking if this online thing is real. 

Am I real? I asked them. 
Are these the real things I’ve learnt and that other people struggle with too?
Did I find real ways to get free?

So then yes, it is real.

Real is not how pretty the pictures look. 
It’s not how well I formulate a strategy. 
It’s not pretending to be something. 

Real is the fact that I can be honest with how I completely lost my s&*% this morning then I cried about how endlessly frustrating it is to get your kids ready for school when they just won’t listen.

Real is being a mum, fiercely loving your kids but feeling like you’ve lost yourself between nappies and vomit and tiny little cut up sandwiches.

It’s being a creative who holds their breath every time you write or create something, hoping others will connect with it, but knowing you have to create even if they don’t. 

It’s knowing that the hardest and most important work you’ve ever done is the internal stuff. The letting go of all the doubts and fears and mind blocks. 

Clearing away the things you tell yourself about how you’re not good enough, smart enough, thin enough or rich enough and just stepping up.

And real is getting rid of the excuses. Because the truth will set you free. 
So, yes. It’s real. 

__Wild and Free__

Six Days of Absolute Rediscovery.
Finding You and Your Wild. 

Getting free from the weights of the ‘shoulds’ that hold you back. 
Releasing your beautiful, crazy, amazing, self so your whole world benefits and you live wild and free. 

You’ll get six days of audio trainings so you can listen on the go and loads of practical and valuable resources to help you apply all your revelations.
All for less that a box of nappies or a week of coffees by the way. 

As a bonus, I’m also going to open up pre-launch access to my ‘Awake and Dreaming’ Facebook group which is going to be a paid membership group but you’ll get access to it for the first three months FREE!. It’s a place for women like you, who want to talk about the real stuff, no holds barred and I’ll be delivering bonus trainings in there too, based on what we’re all discussing, particularly around business and living lives that have an impact. It’s a fire pit where we all get to stoke it up in one another. 

Over the 6 days in 'Wild and Free' you’ll get to learn:. 

>-> The daily non-negotioables that have seen me go from a state of depression to a life by design.
>-> The ability to own what you really want and get rid of the ‘shoulds’. 
>-> Understanding on how the challenges are specifically bringing you growth to set you up for your dreams. 
>-> How to deal with the emotion of it all that you try and hide from everyone. 
>-> How to just step into who you really are. Empowered, brave, and in all your wild. 
>-> How to step back into the place of influence and thinking like a leader that used to be second nature to you. 

You know this is you if… 
> You’re fed up with the 'same same' everyday of life and know there’s more. 
> You miss the old you but know that she’s being reinvented and will come out braver, bigger, smarter and stronger.
> You want to reclaim the essence of you and bring it back into the light again. 
> You are ready to do the work. The real work inside of you.
> You're wetting yourself just a little, not cause you skipped the pelvic floor exercises but because you’re a little bit scared about what’s going to happen when you face the excuses you’ve been feeding yourself. 
> And that same fear is making you want to scream YES! I’m ready to move. I’m done with mucking around. 
> Plus, you connect with me. You know you’re drawn to what I’m saying and I’m the one who can stir this up for you. 

Hit the link below.